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Artist and band reviews submitted by our users are listed below, as yet a small selection to which we hope will grow over the following months. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the read!

We welcome user submitted reviews - here are the guidelines for acceptance:
All articles must be singing/singer related and not just a gig review.

The people must be real!

The writer must be the author of the work and own the copyright for both text and pictures or have permission from the photographer to reproduce the work on this site. (All copyrights remain with the author).

Negative or slanderous reviews are not acceptable.

Please remember this is a family friendly site and we are unable to publish articles containing inappropriate images or language.

We do not accept artist reviews of major artists, bands or celebrities although we are happy to link to a good external article on the authors site.

We are unable to pay for using any contributed articles, however, all copyrights remain with the author whose image and link to their site (if applicable) will be displayed with the content.

Before sending us your article please contact us for the email address to send your work for review.

Please note that although the vocalist site is family friendly, we are not responsible for material on external sites which due to the nature of artist reviews may contain unsuitable language for young children.

Interviews with the Stars

Interviews with popular singers and bands from a variety of sources on the internet. All links open in a new window.

Acappella Almanac
American Idol Contestant leaves M-Pact ** NEW **
An interview with Rudy Cardenas by Del Coy at the Contemporary a cappella society. A must read for anyone wanting to know the real obligations of Idol contestants.

Interview with Take 6
Alvin Chea provides an insight into the differences between accappella singing and singing with a band.

Indie Music

Courtney Love's Manifesto
The Making of a Martyr. Courtney provides an insight into how little artists really make from a record deal.

General Music

Pop Music Is In: The Changing Sound of Musical Theatre
by Mark Meylan, London provides an overview of how pop music has affected musical trends in theatres.

UK Mix
Contains articles on artists popular in the UK ..... read or submit your own ....