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Referenced by: has been mentioned as a reference source and featured in several books, publications and TV programs including:

01 Sept 2009 The Choir : Unsung Town with charismatic choirmaster Gareth Malone from the Bafta award winning series shown on BBC2 lists as a singers resource in their mini site. We are also listed on several other singing and music related pages on the BBC website including their learning section Learn to Sing and Sing Hallelujah :-D

01 Sept 2007 The Times Newspaper listed our associate site Singing Teachers Worldwide Directory in their article on singing in a review of a teacher listed on our directory - Thanks muchly Times!!

May 2007: Hi! TECH television programme (Mediacorp TV12) Singapore produced by Film Formations Pte Ltd included in their television program!

Dec 2006: Karaoke! fun and informative book on Karaoke by Tracey Howard-Baker

Jan 2005: The Good Web Site Guide 2005 with Electric Blues Club in 2006 version.

Summer 2004: Computer Active Magazine

Spring 2004: Tesco Healthy Living Magazine

Apr 2003: A Singer's Guide to Getting Work by John Byrne & Julie Payne
BBC - Radio One OneMusic How To Sing Guide.
Channel 4 TV - Now on 4Talent was originally listed by Ideas Factory

Testimonials & Thanks

Over the years we have been thrilled and humbled to receive so many emails and guestbook posts from visitors to the site expressing thanks for providing such a comprehensive online resource for free... some may be viewed on our GuestBook but we have been particularly touched by the following emails sent to us by singers who have taken the time to come back and sign the guestbook or email us after furthering their careers... we hope many more of you achieve your dreams and look forward to seeing you listed here in the future!

Charity Vance sent us a lovely email recently which is included here by permission:
"I just want to tell you thanks!! I was on "American Idol" this season and since have made a CD in Nashville and it is going to be released in early June. Your website has been very very helpful to me in so many ways!! I am a 17 year old singer/songwriter with a dream. I am infatuated with the thought of one day coming to the UK to sing, because many of the artists I love come from there. Thanks again for all you do here to make our job easier!! A Hopeful Girl," Charity Vance

What a lovely person she is and with a voice to match .... we wish her well and the greatest success in her career as a singer!! Check out her site:

Carrie Underwood who is the winner of American Idol in 2005 (4th season), posted 'Thanks' to our guestbook in July 2006 and we are thrilled to know that our site may have helped her in some small way ... she certainly has plenty of talent and a great voice! Check out her website


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This site has been voted TOP music site by the So Musical! music directory! A fine example of what a high quality web site should be!So Musical Top Site 2004
This site has been voted TOP music site by the So Musical! music directory! A fine example of what a high quality web site should be! The new directory has over 100,000 links, with strict guidelines on what they will include or provide a top site award to. Click on the link or image to visit the site and discover an extensive collection of links to worldwide music related websites.

The Informative Music Site Award
We were given this award by founder Mike Heemskerk who ran it since 1999. Various sites with extensive and useful music related information were reviewed and granted awards. Sites were listed by catagory, in order of award receipt and were regularly checked but sadly the site and award no longer exist.

Golden Web Awards Golden Web Awards Presented by The International Association of Web Masters and Designers.  The Golden Web Award is a FREE service presented to sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

The Singing Voice not only provides awards to good vocalist sites but is an excellent resource packed full of singing history The Singing Voice Golden Cords Award is awarded to outstanding websites that deal with any topics concerning voice performance. The Singing Voice website, who provides this wonderful award is also an excellent resource that provides detailed information, history and links about the human voice, opera and the art of singing.