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Our book section has expanded somewhat! As we were lightening up the pages and adding requested books we finally decided to create a section for the reading addicts! Teach yourself books/audio are available in the Instructional Books section and online courses are now listed in the Home Study Courses section and the Repertoire section has additional Fach, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Singlike pages, whilst all sections have updated with more sheet music titles some of which have accompaniment reheasal/backing CD, CDG or audio cassettes.

Most of the products supplied in this section are provided by affiliate companies (details). We have hunted through them and supplied links to the site offering the cheapest price at the time of writing, this may fluctuate or be combined with special offers which will be available directly from the affiliate company. The links/pictures below are an index to each page/section.

Image link to Audition RepertoireAudition Repertoire
Books packed with advice for auditioning singers includes audition song tracks and sheet music with audio backing for all ages and standards.
Image link to Backing RepertoireBacking & Repertoire
Repertoire books, music books, sheet music, rehearsal, backing tracks packed with songs suitable for all ages, standards and styles of singer.

Image link to Dictation and Language BooksDiction & Language
Books and Audio Books on diction, phonetics, translation and languages including English, American, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German, French and Czech for singers.
Image link to Educational Singing BooksEducational
Educational Books including study guides, analysis books, guides to schools and festivals, contact directories, yearbooks and other reference material for singers.

Image link to Books on singing HarmonyHarmony Books
Vocal Harmony, counterpoint and improvisation text books, practical exercises, instruction and soundalike backing tracks for vocalists.
Image link to Home Study CoursesHome Study Courses
Online Home Study Courses and downloadable audio lessons with vocal exercises and instruction for vocalists on singing and working as a singer in the music industry.

Image link to Singing Instruction BooksInstruction
Instruction Books, Audio Books, CDs & Videos including lessons, exercises, techniques, harmony, ear-training, sight reading and sight singing for singers plus memory aids and tuition reference books for singing teachers.
Image link to Management BooksManagement
Books and Audio Books on the art of Artist Management, including self management, management resources, contact bibles and becoming a manager.

Image link to Marketing BooksMarketing
Books on marketing, advertising, merchandising, publicising and promoting your act or band to attract audiences, press or record company personell.
Image link to Books on Ear Training and PitchPitching
Books on singing in key, ear training, pitching, sight singing and sight reading for singers of all standards.

Image link to Software ManualsSoftware Manuals
Recording software manuals and books for singers, musicians and songwriters.
Image link to Solfege BooksSolfege
Books, Songs and Activities for this system of learning melodies for vocalists and singers of all ages and standards.

Image link to Songwriting BooksSongwriting
Books and Audio Books on the art of songwriting written by successful songwriters for the aspiring writer plus songwriting reference books.
Image link to Vocalise BooksVocalises
Vocalise sheet music, Books and Audio CDs including vocal exercises for singers.

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Items listed from other companies other than the above are provided where and when we feel they may be of interest/benefit for our users. We do not earn commission or charge advertising fees for these, listings can be found in the Sheet Music Suppliers section.