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So can you make a living as a singer? Like most careers, it takes time and effort but there are many options available and whilst the wages may not be as regular as a 9 - 5 job, lets face it NO career is safe for life anymore.

The majority of working vocalists are 'Self Employed' and provide a service for which they charge. This can be anything from working as a solo artist, becoming a band member, songwriting or hiring their services out to studios and companies as a session singer.

There are a variety of Singing Careers, some of these are regular jobs that give you a monthly wage packet and are advertised in national Newspapers, Music Trade Papers and Music Magazines.

It is not essential to have music qualifications to achieve a career in music, many of the most famous singers have no educational qualifications, are self taught and have learnt by hard work, perseverance and determination, however, you are more likely to succeed in the music industry if you learn about the business!

Currently in the UK the Government are supplying funds for unemployed people to learn music, become a dj, radio presenter, composer, songwriter or sound engineer without losing any of their job seekers allowance or other benefits called 'New Deal for Musicians'. There are many Workshops and Courses available, otherwise be prepared to start small and work your way up by getting a job in a studio, record company, local radio station and get as much 'hands on' practice as you can whilst watching the experts at work.

Essential music education books, links to arts councils, music industry associations, lesson plans and other educational resources are available in the Teachers Corner.

Before embarking on a singing career it is important to take time to assess your strengths and weaknesses to evaluate whether you are capable of the stresses of self employment and to ascertain which path would best be suited to your talents. Once you have established which area you wish to pursue, there are several non-profit groups, organisations and business services that will provide free or low cost advice to help you obtain funding or set up your business listed in the Business & Finance listings.

Perhaps you are looking for ideas or would like a job? Wether you are seeking a deal or want to work in education, administration or management, we have listings and links to sites providing job search, cv posting and other services in the Job Listings & Opportunities section, whilst musicians among you may find the Electric Blues Club music careers section informative.

For webmasters and internet users there are ways of supplimenting your income by using Affiliates, Sponsors & Advertisers or Paid to programs which reward you for advertising services, surfing the internet, reading email, text messages, completing surveys and other ideas that are free to join.

100 Careers in the Music Business
by Tanja L. Crouch takes the mystery out of job titles like song plugger, product manager and engineer and presents easy to understand explainations of duties and necessary qualifications. A must read for anyone considering a career in music.