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monster complaints Venue or agent refused to pay you? Let down by a band? Peeved about a purchase or put out by a faulty product? Tell it how it is with these sites and be heard by both public and the culprits!

Some of the sites listed below will also help you with your complaint by presenting it to the company involved. If all else fails then don't just Complain! Take Action!! There are several sources on the internet to find legal precedents, free information or legal advice.

Contact your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau for basic advice, they can also arrange an appointment for you to see a solicitor Free of Charge.

So why did we add this feature? Actually the idea came from YOU! someone wanted a winge and posted it on the messageboard (which is where a winge is supposed to go!) but it made us think about where you can go if you have a genuine complaint so we added this section to help you.......If you know of any good complaints sites that deserve a place on this page please send us the details.

Visit some of the sites below for advice.


This section has been added to aid our UK readers who are seeking information on preventing junk mail, junk faxes and cold calling marketeers. It should be noted, that not all companies co-operate with these schemes, but registrating with them will provide the user with some protection.

TPS Online
To prevent cold calling: Phone 0845 070 0707

FPS Online
To prevent junk faxes: Phone 0845 070 0702

MPS Online
To reduce junk letterbox mail: Phone 01865 748768 (Royal Mail)

DTI Consumer Advice
General advice on scams and junk promotions


Members of various non-profit bodies may be able to request aid in debt recovery or other problems, this applies to music industry related groups, visit our Associations & Organisations Worldwide Listings.

BBB Complaints
Better Business Bureau (USA) Enables users to check out a company, file a complaint and provides dispute resolution, consumerand business guidance plus news and alerts.

UK Website address for the The Consumers Complaint List (TCCL) service. The TCCL Website merely provides a forum and Web list for consumers to air their complaints and accounts. Companies are sent a right to reply form which allows them to respond to the complaint against them.

Complaints Board
Helpful information for US consumers regarding fraud companies, bad business practices. Also includes Consumer News, Stories as well as useful Tips on how to write a complaint and other useful articles.

Consumer Direct
A telephone and online consumer advice supported by the Department of Trade and Industry, and delivered in partnership with local authority Trading Standards that allows people to register their complaint against a trader directly to their offices. Although its mainly aimed at UK residents, anyone who has a complaint against a UK Trader can use the service.

UK online resource that allows users to write and read others opinions on virtually everything including products and services, also pays you for your opinion!

Equity UK
is a UK professional union/organisation to protect the interests of Actors, Actresses, Dancers and Performers. Members receive advice and aid in recovering monies from agents, venues etc.

Fax Your MP
Complain to your MP with this service. Enter your postcode in the box provide below these links to send a free fax directly to your local mp. You compose your message as an e-mail and it's sent to your MP as a fax (since some MPs don't accept e-mails).

How to Complain
is a free independent online site to learn, submit, resolve & discuss complaints on products, services, companies and government bodies. Learn about your rights and where to get advice and help or submit, escalate and resolve complaints online.

LemonAid UK
Financial Services, learn how they work, how & where to complain if they don't! Covers bank and insurance services with a database of informaton from queries and problems of all types of customer over the past 10+ years.

Mailing Preferance Service Online
The MPS is a UK non-profit organisation that allows people to register free of charge for removal from personnally addressed direct mailing lists. Participating companies will cease to send you junk mail through your door. This will not stop other companies but may lighten the load somewhat!

Musicians Union UK
is the recognised trade body for musicians. Members qualify for advice on contracts, legal matters involved in musical work and taxation problems, assistance in money recovery, free sickness payments and free public liability cover.

Office of Communications
Ofcom ins the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services.

Office of Fair Trading
UK department providing information and support to consumers.

PlanetFeedback USA
Consumers can use their free services to send feedback, compliments, complaints, questions or suggestions to companies and Businesses can find tools to help them become better listeners. There are also company ratings online and a users can subscribe to the BuyersBuzz newsletter.

The Squeaky Wheel
Complaints Company that pulls No Punches!! Worldwide service allows you to fill out a complaint form which gets turned into a webpage for anyone to view. Every time a complaint page is viewed it triggers an automatic email notification letting the target company know that another potential customer has just viewed the complaint!