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Cruise ships and boat trips are regular employers of cabaret artists, singers, dancers, musicians, bands, dj's and other entertainers. The type and style of music or show required varies considerably depending on the company, length of trip and passenger demographic. Entertainers and musicians are expected to be highly proficient, versatile and capable of learning new routines/songs quickly, be able to read music and work long hours.

All sorts of artists are hired from the one man band (singer/guitarist/pianist/backing tracks), Duos, Trios, DJs to 'Cabaret Performers' who provide self-contained or accompanied shows in two or more 45 minute slots per day/evening or as a performer of an existing group in an pre-produced show. Some companies also hire artists as part of an 'in-house' troupe who are expected to learn and perform a variety of duties (acting/singing/dancing) on several shows presented during the length of the cruise.

Ships are like any other venue and come in all shapes, sizes and calibres of staff expectancy... some require the artist to provide their own musicians, backing, props, lighting and equipment whilst other ships contain a fully equipped stage complete with lighting, p.a. rig and in-house orchestra/band. The type of shows presented are diverse.. on larger ships, this may mean a dj is working in one bar, a singalong duo is in another whilst solo artists up to large theatrical style productions and/or major guest artists are rehearsing/performing on the main stage! Short trips and smaller craft have less space and amenities so tend employ more self-contained acts.

Being confined to a ship (no matter how large) means that all crew are expected to be on duty 24/7 ....... in other words, be nice to the passengers even if you have a sore head, runny nose or bad day plus be prepared to cover a variety of other duties when staff are off sick, even if it is not part of their normal duties. Staff are usually contracted for the duration of the cruise which can be for anything between one day to a year, and can expect good wages with accommodation and meals included.

It is also a fallacy that cruise ship entertainers are unlikely to be 'discovered' or attain celebrity status... many singers use any opportunity to perform as a means to polishing their performances and have subsequently moved onward and upward in their careers like Claire Sweeney and Jane McDonald.

Entertainers usually gain employment by application and audition. Age ranges considerably, although 21 to mid 30's is standard, companies who concentrate on serving the more mature market, often prefer music and artists who can cater to a more selective, older clientele. A show reel is not always necessary but desirable, especially for those who can provide a 'pre-produced' show or package. Advertisements for these positions can be found in The Stage Newspaper (UK), Variety (US) and major newspapers.  Enquiries can also be made direct to the cruise liners and specialist Cruise Ship Agencies and Entertainment Agents who may run showcases for cruise ship bookers.

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