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Brighten up a friend or relative with these FREE Musical Internet Greeting Cards!

So what is an E-Card?  Internet Greeting cards are web based cards that you can send to anyone via email.  Once the card is created the program automatically tells your friend that someone has sent them a card and provides a private pick up number and link for them to view their card online.  It is completely private, only you and your friend can access the card, as its web based there are no heavy downloads or risk of viruses in their inbox for your friend and you can send it to anyone anywhere in the world at anytime of the day - no excuse for those touring not to say Hi to their mates & loved ones......!!

Its easy to create your own card from our selection of pictures which have musical themes, backgrounds and midi music and you can now add a Voice Message!

Perhaps you have a great picture of your own?  No Problem!! Once you click on the link to our Free E-card program you can choose wether to use one of the pictures provided or your own!!

Click on the picture or link below to view our cards and start creating!

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Click on the pictures above or the link below to see our full range & send a card FREE!

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