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Website hosting can be a minefield. There are hundreds of sites who provide hosting services, average costs range from £30 to £150+ a year depending on how much webspace or services you require. There are also sites who provide free webspace in return for displaying advertising banners or pop-ups on your web pages like our previous host Lycos/Tripod. There are pro's and con's for both and you will need to consider carefully before choosing a provider to host your site as many limit the space, bandwidth, services you are allowed or place restrictions on the service like disallowing downloads or streaming media. Its also worth remembering that most ISP's provide free webspace to their members.

Many music sites provide free hosting with basic template designs for musicians, bands and singers to add a brief synopsis and picture. If you don't have the facilities or the time to maintain a website, there are websites dedicated to music who provide the artist with a standard webpage where you can upload your picture and tracks. Some charge for the service whilst others take a small fee from each track that is downloaded. There are a links to sites of this nature provided in the Artists Upload section.

Budget hosts provide you with a more professional option, allowing you more control over your site with options available to enable you to sell your music online!

Read our section on marketing & promotion websites and internet for tips. Take time to consider how you want your website to work for you. What you intend to do with it and the services you may need from a hosting company before jumping in at the deep end! One of the most important requirements is customer support, try emailing the company with a query before signing up - if they can't be bothered to reply then it's likely their customer support is just as shabby!!

Services We Offer!
Get a unique site! Check out the extensive resources on AWDesign including articles on affiliates, partnerships, programming, free downloads, plus free online webmaster tools and links to useful sources of free scripts, domain name suppliers, free and paid web hosting companies plus sites providing remote hosting services, scripts and lessons on designing and building a website.

Music Website Hosting Providers

The following list is not a recommendation of any particlular service, but hopefully you'll find something suitable for your requirements. Some are free, some are low cost and some are expensive hosting options. Also take a look at the Artists Upload section.

21st Century Artists
provides a free web page generator for bands to design, create and post to their own website hosting company or sign up for their service, upload your music and get paid for any CD's you sell.

Free and discounted hosting for qualified unsigned bands who must send their publicity/press pack for approval. Everything in their shared hosting plans are included. Bandwidth allowance is relatively low in comparison to some hosting services, however, there are no banner ads on users pages.

Register and customise the pre-designed templates to create your own website to promote your band and sell music and merchandise.

A division of CDBaby which offers website hosting, design and domain name registration for musicians.

Lycos Tripod UK
Offers various free and paid hosting options. No support for free service users & Pop ups on all pages.

Free artist or band webpages, upload your MP3's, sell your music online & keep 100% of the profits (they charge $4.95 to manufacture it for you) and stay in touch with fans using their free Fan Mail Manager.

Tripod USA
Offers various free or paid options. No support for free service users & Pop ups on all pages.

Offers free webspace to create your own site to sell your music and merchandise.

Offers free webspace to create your own site to sell your music and merchandise.