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Free and Fun stuff for you to chill out with! Everyone needs to take a break from all that practising sometimes!! Grab a cuppa & enjoy!

animated dancerE-Cards
Create and send musical internet greeting cards to your friends and family FREE online plus find links to other electronic postcard sites!
key notes iconGames
Great bundle of fun games to play online, includes music, sports, silly games, take your pick and be prepared to battle the baddie, beat the clock or grab the goodie!
newsflash imageHosting for Singers
Information and links to websites providing free and low cost website hosting for singers, musicians and individuals.
jester imageJokes
Singers jokes, music jokes, musician jokes, musical instrument jokes plus links to musical humour sites.

questionmark imageMusic Quizzes
Test your music knowledge, guess the celebrity or name that tune, have a go with these online quiz sites.
note imageName That Tune
Can YOU Name That Tune, wait for the songs to download, listen then select your choice, how many can you get right?

beatles facesPractice Online
Practise singing ONLINE to songs from your favourite artists with our free kool karaoke player.
animated sound meterSpectographs
Vocal software for singers including articles and reviews on vocal removers, vocoders, vocal effects plugins, spectographs plus online and downloadable spectographs.


My 50
Things to do in my lifetime! This site not only provides you with 50 great suggestions of things you may want to do before you get old n' grey (including learn a musical instrument and serenade someone!), but also lets members create their own lists, set target completion dates, describe you did it and add photos! Read other users lists and view the Hall of Fame. Registration is free and you can choose wether to keep your list private or allow others to view it. Non-members can browse the site suggestions without registration. Discover!

Office Theme Song Quiz
Try this for a bit of fun. A short quiz that gives you your theme song of the day based on your mood, energy level, and "day job" workload

Chart Wars 1.2
Run your own record company with this music industry simulator. Chart Wars is a freeware music industry simulator putting you in charge of your very own record company. In this role you ust hire bands, release and promote albums and singles, arrange tours and much more, all whilst attempting to balance the books, manage the growth of your label and compete with intelligent computer opponents. Click Here to download 223K Windows 95/98/Me/Xp. Freeware or visit the authors site Osiris Games

EndCornerSaver 2.0.2
EndCornerSaver turns your favorite image and music files into a personal screensaver that plays background sounds while displaying your image files. It supports BMP, JPG, and GIF files for images and MP3, MID, and WAV files for music. Needs VB 6.0 runtime module, Microsoft Media Player 6.0. Click Here to download endcornersaver.exe 807.41k Freeware - authors site no longer available.

Float Cursors 1
A collection of cool blue animated cursors. Click Here to download 14k. Windows 95. Freeware.

Jimi Hendrix Wallpaper 1.0
Display great pictures on your desktop of one of the greatest musicians of all time. Click Here to download 153.32k Windows 95/98/nt/2000. Freeware

Musical Manager 4.0
Manufacture a band and guide them to success in this music simulation game. You choose the members of the bands, the style of the band, their clothing and their practicing schedule, as well as organising gigs and marketing. You compete against other bands and solo artists who are all trying to become successful. You must improve the band's reputation while making sure you keep up their morale and don't waste all their money as you try to become a successful musical manager. Click Here to download 756K. Windows (all) Freeware or visit the authors site Mullesoft

Sing in the Shower!
Click the numbers, radio and shower to get this guy to sing!
Shower Song

Lets All Party