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Vocal instruction books and audio books for beginners to professional singers. There are exercises, instruction, theory and essential reference books for all styles. The books at the top are those we recommend as suitable for beginners/intermediate level (read notes for info). Serious singers and voice trainers seeking more advanced books Click Here. Everything is listed by title in alphabetical(ish) order, except in the case of books written by the same author. Please Note: Prices are provided as a general guide and may change without notice, latest prices are available from the suppliers site. All links open in a new window.

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SheetMusicPlus has a range of Vocal Instructional Method books with accompanying CD's for a wide range of instruments and artists including Blink 182, Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Nirvana plus various genres including Gospel, Baroque, Classical, Pop, Jazz etc., complete with exercises and audio examples to suit all styles and standards.

Further Education and Tutor books for all standards and styles can be found at MusicRoom who also deliver FREE in the UK and Europe!

by Tracey Howard-Baker Karaoke! Book Cover Image
Need tips to improve your singing? Looking for the top songs for girls, boys, duets & groups? Want great ideas for hosting a Karaoke Party? Interested in how to become a KJ? Then look no further!! A great fun light hearted book now available from Amazon and other book retailers in the UK. Written by Tracey Howard-Baker who is a KJ, singer, vocal coach and webmistress of,, and Electric Blues Club websites! Karaoke is the latest must-do entertainment. In this amusing guide to the sophisticated world of singing along, experienced singer and KJ (Karaoke DJ), Tracey takes us through the do's and don'ts of successful Karaoke, reveals the top ten songs for singles, duets, and groups, gives tips for holding Karaoke themed parties, recounts hilarious Karaoke anecdotes, plus funny misheard lyrics, worldwide karaoke competitions and provides essential information for wannabe KJs.
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A Singer's Guide to Getting Work
by John Byrne, Julie Payne
This excellent book is aimed at beginners, with advice for anyone wanting to launch or maintain their professional singing career, this manual focuses on the realities of starting a career and making a living in singing. The styles of singing covered include pop, soul, country, folk, jazz and classical. From finding the right singing teacher to getting an agent, from performing live to recording, the author offers tips that seek to inspire and encourage beginners and help those already in the profession to take their careers to the next level. or Read More / Purchase at Amazon UK

The Zen of Screaming
by Melissa Cross
Melissa Cross talks a lot about emotion and letting things happen naturally - about avoiding contrivance at all cost. So it should come as no surprise that what brought NYC's most forward - thinking voice teacher to her profession was not a conscious decision, but the same path that led to the development of her innovative technique: personal experience. The journey began when Melissa made a move from years of traditional music study at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England to a career as a performing rock artist. All the years of perfecting her voice through classical training suddenly made little sense. "My voice lessons had absolutely no context in rock," she remembers. "They had no relevance to anything I was doing. I was basically screaming and throwing technique out the window to get a sound that felt real to me." It was only through a long process of figuring out how to really deliver those raw, heartfelt rock vocals without holding anything back - and without damaging her voice - that Melissa Cross discovered the technique that she teaches her students today. "I found the missing link between rock and classical vocal training," she reveals. "I was able to extract the essential aspects of classical technique, apply them to speech - and then, again, apply them back to music."
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Adventures in Singing
A Process for Exploring, Discovering, and Developing Vocal Potential
by Clifton Ware
This popular voice text combines a thorough introduction to the singing process with an anthology of 60 songs. The text offers a clear introduction to the basics of how the voice works along with methodical voice-building techniques. Throughout, the text takes a holistic approach, reflecting the view that the study of singing helps students develop greater self-awareness of body and mind. Piano accompaniments of the songs in the anthology are included on both cassette and CD.
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Born to Sing Deluxe Born To Sing Deluxe Course
By Howard Austin/Elisabeth Howard.
#1 voice & singing lessons pkg. vocal training excellence treat yourself to the gift of a Million seller vocal training course. 4 CDs/book/case. Published by Vocal Power. THE ULTIMATE VOCAL METHOD, Breath support * vibrato * range * resonance * head voice/chest voice * no 'break' between registers * volume control * projection * holding notes ... and more. / Pop * Rock * Country * Blues * R&B * Broadway / Phrasing * Improv
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Also Available:
Born To Sing Basics Course - 2 CDs/booklet/case.
Born To Sing Video (VHS 60 Min)

Breaking Vocal Technique Book Cover Image Breaking through Vocal Technique
Author and voice teacher Gloria Bennett has taught Axl Rose of Guns N'Roses, Vince Neil of Motley Crüe, Exene Cervenka of X, Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate, Dexter Holland of The Offspring and Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. Her book provides a thorough and clear understanding of the instrument of the voice and proper vocal technique in this comprehensive book, now in its second edition. Through examples, anecdotes and exercises, Breaking Through provides for both the novice and professional vocalist a vital sourcebook for maintaining and enhancing the quality of the voice.
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Berklee Vocal Technique (DVD)
Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximise your potential.
Buy Berklee Vocal Technique at MusicRoom UK

Hard Rock Academy: Performance Vocals
Learn some of the most effective vocal techniques that have aided some of the biggest singing stars.
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Discover Your Voice
Learn to Sing from Rock to Classic
by Tona De Brett
Book & Cd edition
Singing Teacher to the Stars, Tona De Brett has taught 'Jarvis Cocker - Pulp', 'All Saints', 'Dido', Keith Flint - The Prodigy', 'Paul Young', 'Ozzy Osborne', 'Jimmy Nail', 'Martine McCutcheon', 'Tanita Tikaram', 'Linda McCartney', 'Skin - Skunk Anansie', 'Seal' and many more. her book & accompanying CD is aimed at all singers who take their voices seriously. "Internationally renowned singing teacher presents her teaching material, worked through with stars of rock, jazz and musicians who seek help with their vocal problems. Tona deBrett deals with the various aspects of voice-production through a wealth of exercises and examples" There are special exercises for: Warming up, Breathing technique, Intonation, Interpretation, Articulation. All the vocal exercises are provided on the accompanying CD, so you can sing along with Tona. The exercises are notated in full with chord symbols and may also be sung with a live instumental accompaniment. In a special section on 'Studio Work', Jon West, who owns a London recording studio, gives an account of current studio technology and describes the singer's work in the studio.
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Discover Your Voice: How to Develop Healthy Voice Habits
by Oren L. Brown
From Book News, Inc.
Brown taught voice at the Juilliard School and was a pioneer in voice therapy. He has expanded the 19-page syllabus for his students into a comprehensive text for self-study, study with a private teacher, or classroom instruction. He speaks of concepts, perceptions, exercises, acoustics, and physiology. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
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Im Not Crazy Im Vocalizing Book Cover ImageI'm Not Crazy, I'm...Vocalizing!
Eight Vocal Lessons and Fully Orchestrated Exercises
to Do in or Out of Your Car
Audio CD or Audio Cassette with Booklet and Sticker
by Karen Oleson
Easy to follow and fun exercises that you can do whilst driving! This is a good introduction to warming up your voice, enunciation, use of the breath and a great warmup to sing on the way to rehearsal or to make better use of your time while you're stuck in traffic!
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Jazz Vocal Techniquesby Anne Farnsworth
Comprehensive Jazz techniques, harmony and improvising with examples and exercises plus overview of Jazz as a singers artform, includes articles on singing and suggestions on how to find work.

Power Performance for Singers
Transcending the Barriers
by Shirlee Emmons & Alma Thomas
Written as a self-help manual for singers at all levels of expertise, Transcending the Performance Barriers is designed to teach performing artists, and especially singers, how to experience elite performance at their level. The skills outlined in this book will help singers use what they have, to enjoy their voices during performance, and to perform consistently to the best of their present ability.
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Raise Your Voice Book Cover ImageRaise Your Voice
by Jaime J. Vendera, Jason Burnside (Illustrator), Molly Burnside (Producer)
The author, Jaime Vendera is world renowned as the first documented singer in history to shatter glass with his voice, WITHOUT amplification. He has been seen on the nationally syndicated shows, Good Morning America, MythBusters, and the Sonic1 Toothbrush infomercial. He is a professional vocal coach who works with both beginning and professional singers, and is considered by many, a "voice-strengthening" specialist. He is also the author of The Ultimate Breathing Workout. The incredible new vocal system designed to increase the range, power, and quality of your voice! Considered by many THE owner's manual for the voice. No matter what style you sing, this system works! Whether you want to increase your full voice range or develop a beautiful falsetto, develop a powerful voice, smooth out the registers, add resonance,or learn to scream, add grit or growl, etc... you'll find the answers inside of Raise Your Voice.
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The Ultimate Breathing Workout The Ultimate Breathing Workout
by Jaime J. Vendera, Stephanie Keen (Director)
A good companion to Raise Your Voice, Jamie's book covers breathing for vocalists from fundamentals, exercises and a breathing workout routine.
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Click Here to read more about the Ultimate Vocal Workout by Jaime Vendera Ultimate Vocal WorkoutJaime Vendera has been featured on many television programs as the first artist to have been recorded shattering a glass with his voice and has become a much sought after vocal coach with a series of books and media lessons. His latest production is a comprehensive vocal home study course for singers. This system contains five books, two performance edge mind programming MP3s, two audio warmups, over six hours of instructional video (including accompanying audio exercises) and three hours of instructional audio to skyrocket your vocal potential to a whole new level plus access to the Raise Your Voice member’s only section.
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Singing! Basic Vocal Technique
This warm, friendly course across 6 CDs that is perfect for anyone who likes to sing.
Buy Singing! Basic Vocal Technique at MusicRoom UK

Singing For Dummies
Sound guidance to help people develop their voices and gain confidence as performers.
Buy Singing for Dummies at MusicRoom UK

Singing for the Stars Singing For The Stars (revised) - Book And 2 Compact Discs
by Seth Riggs
For voice. Published by Alfred Publishing. (3379)
What do Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Natalie Cole and hundreds of other professionals have in common? They all study voice with Hollywood's leading 'Speech Level Singing' vocal coach, Seth Riggs. You can learn to sing like the pros with this complete program for training the voice. Read a review of a Speech Level Singing Masterclass held in London with Dave Stroud.
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Singing for the Stars at MusicRoom UK

Click Here to read more about Singing Is Easy and other singing tuition products by Yvonne deBandi Singing Is Easy! (Book / 2 CD Set)
Basic Foundation Series Home Study Course
by Yvonne DeBandi
SINGING IS EASY is divided into ten detailed sections known as The 10 Steps to Singing Success. Each singing lesson step provides comprehensive concept explanations and singing tips, followed by detailed diagrams and a variety of contemporary vocal exercises. Using the revolutionary 10 Steps to Singing Success method, created by Top Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, you will learn the facts, the secrets, the details...everything you need to know about singing. Click Here for full details and information on other singing products by Yvonne deBandi.

Singing Hypnotherapy Book Cover Image Singing Hypnosis Masterclass - CD
by Blue Marsden
Qualified psycho-hypnotherapist and vocal coach Blue Marsden has been featured on John Peel's radio show for his work with people who believe they cannot sing, amateurs, professionals and top ten artists. The vocal training CD includes a hypnotic introduction aimed at building confidence and stimulating creativity plus posture and breathing exercises based on the Alexander Technique. There are also 11 varied singing exercises (total time approx 17min), with voices providing instruction on mouth shapes and sung examples at the beginning of each exercise. Some advice for singers is also provided at the end of the cd, which although not a comprehensive instructional resource for singers, is a good introduction for beginners and the exercises can be used as a vocal warm up as the singer progresses. Courses and workshops are also available, Click Here for more details.

Complete Voice and Speech Workout Book Cover Image The Complete Voice and Speech Workout
The Documentation and Recording of an Oral Tradition
for the Purpose of Training and Practices
by Janet J. Rodgers (Editor)
Book & Cd edition
This first-of-its-kind resource comprises 75 exercises contributed by some of the best professional in the world. The exercises, for both solo and group work, are arranged around a well-tested, solid progression for development of good, healthy vocal habits. For each exercise, there is a brief description of the history and purpose of the exercise, followed by the exercise itself. The 75 exercises are divided into nine categories: Getting to know your voice; Making sound; Integrating voice, breath and text; Stretching, centering, releasing, aligning; Exploring pitch; Integrating voice and movement; Breathing and supporting; Projecting and calling; Exploring character voices and dialects
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The Estelle Liebling Vocal Course
by Estelle Liebling
scoring: Instrumental Part for Keyboard and Voice
A method that has long been highly regarded among teachers and students alike. Each of these books consists of 3 parts: Part I describes the vocal mechanism and its function briefly and in simple, non-technical language. Part II consists of basic, fundamental vocalises carefully selected to develop the specific voices for which the book is written. Part III presents the important elements of diction in the 5 languages most commonly used in singing: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. (Chappell)
<Estelle Liebling Vocal Course

The Performers Voice The Performer's Voice: Realizing Your Vocal Potential
For anyone who uses the voice and wants to understand how it works, The Performer's Voice covers basic vocal anatomy and physiology, from the structure of the body, including the skeletal system, physical alignment, and balance in singing to breathing, phonation, resonance, and vocal quality. Also emphasized are articulation and acoustics, vocal health, and artistry in performance. Concise, accurate, and accessible, this is an essential guide to the way the voice works and how to care for it.
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The Singing Book The Singing Book
Suitable for all skill levels and voice types, The Singing Book provides an anthology of over sixty songs, chosen specifically for the beginning singer. A 2-CD set (sold separately) provides melody, rhythm guides, and piano accompaniments for all selections in the anthology (with additional keys available on the Student Web Site), and the text's useful appendices feature methods for preparing song texts, extra warm-ups and vocalises, a guide to the International Phonetic Alphabet, and a brief primer on reading music.
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The Rock and Roll Singers Survival Manual The Rock n Roll Singers Survival Manual
by Mark Baxter
An extremely comprehensive book covering all aspects for the beginner and beyond. Easy to understand and a must read self help book for all ye pop & rock singers! Mark's client list includes Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Gary Cherone (Van Halen), Jonny Lang, Tonic, cast members of RENT, members of Vertical Horizon, Jennifer Trynin (Rolling Stone Hot Debut Artist), The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Amiee Mann, Peter Wolf, John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Angry Salad, Regina (#1 single on Billboard's pop chart), Steven Augeri (Journey), American High-Fi, Geezer, Quicksand, The Amazing Crowns, Coal Chamber, Combustible Edison, Loudness and on and on.
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Singers First Aid Kit The Singer's First Aid Kit
by Lis Lewis
Lis has been training singers for the music profession for over twenty years. Her clients include artists on all major record labels as well as independents. The Lis Lewis Singers' Workshop offers lessons and workshops in every aspect of singing from vocal technique to music business to performance. Book includes The Vocal Warm-up Tape, a sixty minute tape designed to pop in your car stereo on your way to a rehearsal or gig.
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The Ultimate Collection of Vocal Exercises
Various composers for voice. Printable and viewable for PC and Mac with 3000 printable pages in CD Sheet Music format. Includes studies, technique, baroque, classical and romantic periods.
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Vocal Technique: A Guide To Finding Your Real Voice
Stop straining to hit those high notes. Unlock your true potential and start singing easily and effortlessly. Includes two CDs with demonstrations and guided exercises.
Buy Vocal Technique: A Guide To Finding Your Real Voice at MusicRoom UK

Vocal Technique
Book With Two CD's
composer: Murray Dena
Stop straining to hit those high notes! Unlock your true potential and start singing easily and effortlessly with this book/2-CD pack by Musicians Institute vocal instructor Dena Murray. She teaches how to: breathe naturally; improve your speaking voice; stop holding, pushing and squeezing; develop your natural three-octave range; place your chest and head voices; and bridge the registers to sound like one voice. Includes two CDs with demonstrations, guided exercises, and plenty of practice tracks. (Musician's Institute Press)
Vocal Technique - A Guide to Finding Your Real Voice: Book with Two CDs [With 2 CD's] (Essential Concepts)

Voice Power Voice Power - Volume 1
Performance Tools for Singers, Public Speakers & Communicators
Audio CD (February 1, 2001)
Voice Power consists of: 1) instructions for Structural Breathing, a foundational breathing technique for any vocal development; 2) a progressive relaxation exercise to inform and re-educate the conscious and subconscious minds, eliminating limiting beliefs that sabotage peak performance and creating new possibilities for performance excellence, and; 3) a guided visualization for practicing Structural Breathing™, enhancing creativity and the ability to focus, and creating a safe space from which to express ourselves. William Hanrahan is on the voice faculty of the University of California, Riverside, and Mt. St. Mary's College, Los Angeles. A keynote speaker for the International Governors Conference of Toastmasters and a guest presenter at the First International Conference on Music in Human Adaptation, he maintains a private voice studio in Los Angeles. In addition to his professional performances, his work includes corrective vocal training, techniques for refining public speaking and presentation.
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Vehicular Vocalises
The Singer's Warm-up-And-Practice-In-Your-Car Routine. Available in Cassette Tape or CD ( 58 minutes ) with Accompanying 21-Page Booklet. In Medium/High Voice or Medium/Low Voice.
available from The Washington Vocal Consortium

You Can Sing!
In just a few weeks, you can master the vocal techniques used by professional singers and unlock your true creative potential with this superb book and CD pack.
Buy You Can Sing! at MusicRoom UK

You Can Sing: Essential Guide for Aspiring Pop stars
BBC Fame Academy vocal coaches all the inspiration, guidance and info you need to help you fulfil your natural singing talent
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21 Bepop Exercises 21 Bebop Exercises for Vocalists and Instrumentalists
For the development of jazz phrasing, style, and note selection. 21 Bebop Exercises is both a warm-up collection and musical style instruction. These exercises teach the basics of bebop phrasing. Each exercise is presented in all 12 keys, moving higher by half step - the perfect jazz warm-up. The companion CD contains all the exercises in 12 keys. Designed for both soloists and ensemble performers, for vocal and treble clef instruments
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Basix Rock Singing Techniques (Book & Enhanced Cd)
For voice. Published by Alfred Publishing. (14931)
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Choral Q & A Iv: Voice Training For The Singer
Pavane Choral. Size 6.8x10.5 inches. Published by Hal Leonard. (8300303)
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Contemporary Singer The Contemporary Singer
Elements of Vocal Technique
by Anne Peckham
Book & Cd
A valuable resource for any singer which contains guidelines for practicing, vocal health and performance skills. Technical areas and a variety of progressive warm up exercises, plus advice on mic usage and performance anxiety for singers of popular music.
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Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course The Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course
Book & Cassette Edition
by Jeannie Deva
Magic Dick, The J. Geils Band, 1994
Combining over thirty years of performance and teaching experience with extensive research in vocal mechanics, Jeannie has produced an innovative approach for teaching the non-classical use of the voice, which covers all forms of popular-music. She explains with great clarity why we must avoid physical tension in the throat and how to achieve this relaxation with out compromising our choice of style. No matter what your level of singing, Jeannie has the answers for you, clearly explaining what is required and how to achieve your best on a gig or in the recording studio.

Steve Davdison, Northeast Performer Mag. May, 1994
If you are like me, you may wish Jeannie was a brilliant surgeon that could miraculously implant a golden throat. Since that is not possible, you might want to pick up this course and follow the instructions carefully, and practice, practice, practice. The Deva Method is the closest thing to getting cosmetic surgery for your voice.
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Daryl Runswick: Symphony For Voices (Score)
The music in Symphony For Voices is unorthadox, using mostly Extended Vocal Techniques, whispering, grunting, shouting, humming, and words from a variety of different languages.
Buy Symphony for Voices at MusicRoom UK

Developing Your Vocal and Performing Style
The veteran pop/jazz/blues singer Maria Muldaur reveals many of her important secrets on vocal performance. The voice behind the smash hit Midnight At The Oasis presents an intimate lesson, revealing the secrets of a truly professional vocal performance. Find out about relaxation, warm-ups, sound checks and more
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Fast Track Lead Singer Fast Track Lead Singer Method, Book 1
by Blake Neely
Sheet Music & CD
Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

Produced by the writer of Piano for Dummies, Fast Track Keyboard Songbook, Guitar 1: Electric or Acoustic and others. This book and accompanying cd aims to teach the singer how to read music, microphone tips, warm up exercises, ear training, syncopation and attitude! Contains 80 songs and examples. The fast way to learn how to sing. Learn all about music theory, the voice, scales, rhythms and more. Includes Amazing Grace, Frankie And Johnny, Buffalo Gals and many more.
More info at Musicroom
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Fasttrack Lead Singer FastTrack Lead Singer Songbook 1 - Level 1
For Male or Female Voice. Fasttrack Music Instruction. Book and CD package. Size 9x12 inches. 32 pages. Published by Hal Leonard. (695410) If you want to start singing the hits - solo or in a band - this songbook is for you! This excellent supplement to Lead Singer Lesson Book 1 features 8 complete songs, and a bonus CD so you can hear the music and sing along. Includes: Blue Suede Shoes * Dreams * I Just Called to Say I Love You * Let It Be * (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman * Piece of My Heart * Surfin' U.S.A. * Wonderful Tonight.
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Gospel Singing Gospel Singing
by Rusty Hudelson. For voice. Texas Music & Video. Gospel-old time. Level: Beg-Intermediate. Video. Solos. Size 4.75x8. 30 pages. Published by Mel Bay Pub., Inc. (96857VX)
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How To Sing
by Lilli Lehmann
Lilli Lehmann. One of the most influential books on the art of singing ever written. Its author is one of the first great international superstars of opera. With over 50 diagrams, examples and illustrations.
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Lead Singing and Rhythm Guitar - Finding Your Bluegrass Voice DVD
By Peter Rowan. Homespun Tapes (Instructional). DVD (Digital Video Disk)
Size 5.3x7.5 inches. Published by Homespun Video.
One of America's greatest performers helps bluegrass players improve their singing and fine-tune their rhythm guitar playing. Peter Rowan imparts wisdom and advice based on decades of experience playing and singing with bands from Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys to Old and In the Way. He provides invaluable tips on breathing, phrasing, vocal improvisation and the intricacies of guitar accompaniment for bluegrass songs. Peter teaches and analyzes a set of classic songs from the repertoire, including: Blue Moon of Kentucky * Walls of Time * Wayfaring Stranger * In the Pines. 90-MIN. DVD OR VIDEO * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * LEVEL 2
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Musicianship For Singers
Vocal Sheet Music And CD
Teaches skills that jazz or pop singers will need on the bandstand or in the studio. Many examples and exercises on vocal harmony, transposition, sight-singing and chart writing included.
Read More at MusicRoom

Heavy Rock Singing Pro Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing
by Bill Martin
Pro-Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing is the first instructional book to exclusively address the unique aspects of heavy rock singing. Based on the insights from seasoned rock professionals, the author uses detailed interviews to reveal how to hit high notes, increase power, avoid vocal burnout, improvise on stage and more.
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Scat Singing Method
by Scott Fredrickson
Vocal improvisation can be easily and effectively learned by singers or taught in a classroom situation. For choral ensembles, it is educationally valid as a supplement to the total choral musical curriculum by increasing creativity in individual students, and by enhancing the over-all musicianship of entire ensembles. For individual singers, it can increase vocal skill, musicianship, and performance confidence. This new approach is based on the technique of theme and variation. By using the elements of vocal improvisation: syllables, melody, and rhythm, and applying the following techniques, musical objectives can be met and instant success achieved. In other words, you can learn to improvise right now.
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Singing and the Actor
by Gillyanne Kayes
This book takes the reader step-by-step through a practical training programme relevant to the modern singing actor and dancer. A variety of contemporary voice qualities including belting and twang are explained, with exercises for each topic. There is also a practical section on getting started- finding a teacher, choosing an audition song, working as an singer/actor and tips on how to save your voice and other common voice problems
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Scat! Vocal Improvisation Techniques
Vocal Sheet Music And CD
Learn to scat sing! A comprehensive approach to vocal improvisation with rhythmic and melodic exercises, transcribed solos, vocal bass lines and drum grooves, syllable articulation etudes, and more.
Read More at MusicRoom

Singing For Beginners - Book And Compact Disc
For voice. Published by Alfred Publishing. (19332)
Read more at SheetMusicPlus

Singing for Beginners Singing For Beginners - Book Only
For voice. Published by Alfred Publishing. (19331)
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Singing Jazz Singing Jazz
By B. Crowther. Book (not sheet music). Size 6.2x9.3 inches. 256 pages. Published by Hal Leonard. (330391)
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Singing For Beginners - Compact Disc Only
For voice. Published by Alfred Publishing. (19333)
Read more at SheetMusicPlus

Teach Yourself Singing Teach Yourself Singing
by Sue Sutherland
Book/cassette Pack
This is a self-help guide to singing, whether as a solo performer, in a choir or just for your own pleasure. The course offers advice about breathing, relaxation and the techniques of singing, practised through a variety of songs.
Read More at Amazon UK

The Singing Drummer
Vital guide for percussionists who need to expand their vocal range can check out this book by drummer, percussionist, composer and vocalist Kevin Ronkko.
Purchase from Windstorm Creative.

Ultimate Beginners Series: Rock Vocals
Rock Vocals, Step One features Tim Bogert, of Vanilla Fudge and Beck, Bogert and Appice fame.

Ultimate Beginner Series: Rock Vocals Step Two
How to increase your range and endurance? How to blend your voices? How to find your key? Effective microphone techniques? How to embellish a phrase?

Cathy Fink: Singing With The Banjo
A terrific lesson specifically devised for Banjo players that wish to sing and accompany themselves in the clawhammer style, featuring Grammy-winning performer Cathy Fink.
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Vocal Techniques For Old-Time Mountain Music
Here's a lesson for those who want to sing in the powerful styles developed throughout the years by the rural mountain musicians of the southern Appalachians.
Buy from MusicRoom UK

Well Tuned Women Growing Strong through Voicework Well-tuned Women: Growing Strong Through Voicework
Frankie Armstrong (Editor), Jenny Pearson (Editor)
In this collection, top artists and voice trainers offer a range of approaches to personal growth through awareness of the voice. The topics include freeing the natural voice, voices of women in Indian story telling, and the connections between voice and healing.
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Memory & Mnemonics

Memory Book The Memory Book
by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

The Memory Book gives an easy-to-read, easy-to-use coverage of memory and mnemonics. This is the book to use if you want to start using mnemonics as quickly as possible.
Read More at Amazon USA

Use Your Head Use Your Head
by Tony Buzan

This manual on how to use the human brain has been translated into more than 20 languages. It presents a range of techniques that are all designed to teach the reader how to think effectively.

Lovers of Blues & Rock - Check out the Cd's, Minidisc's, Tapes & Vinyl Albums at Electric Blues Club