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The following are external links to articles on marketing and promotion for musicians by musicians. If you have written an article that you would like us to link to please send us a brief description and url address using the contact form. All links open in a new window.

Free Moneymaking Music Tips
A variety of articles to help you jump start your music industry career by Jeffrey P. Fisher including How to Make Music Money on the Web, Internet Success Secrets, 8 Ways to Promote Your Music Career, Break Into Soundtracks & Jingles in Four Easy Steps, Make More Money from your Project Studio Today.

Big George - Doing the Business
A variety of articles on music and the music industry, some of which were originally published in Sound on Sound magazine written by Big George Webley

Carling Live
Their 'Behind The Scenes' section presents a series of interviews with people in the biz including: Do You Want to be a Promoter, Do You Want to Be a Live Sound Engineer, Do You Want to be a Band Manager, Do You Want to be the Head of Music at a Radio Station, Do You Want to become a Venue Manager and Do you want to be a booking agent?

An excellent resource packed with articles on various aspects of songwriting, recording and marketing your music including Hell with the songs - get a great image ffrom manager Kerry Kerner, Home Video Licensing By Jeffrey and Todd Brabec, How Much Money Can You Really Make from Film and TV Placements? by PEN Music President Michael Eames, How to Make the Most Out of a Music Conference By Valerie De La Cruz, Music, Money & Sampling Part 1 & 11 by Jeffrey & Todd Brabec of ASCAP Covers the areas of Sampling and the implications to recording including permissions, negotiations and payments.and many more.

Making Money-Making Secrets
The secrets to making money in the music business by music business expert Bob Baker

Network Television: Licensing Songs and Money
Who decides what songs can get used in films and in TV shows -- and the amount of money paid for those songs? By Jeffrey and Todd Brabec. (from Taxi)

Personal Management Q&A
Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about dealing with artists and personal managers. By Kenny Kerner. (from Taxi)

Self Publishing
Maintaining your publishing rights has two big advantages: You earn double the money and you have leverage in the event your song is recorded. By Jason Blume (from Taxi)

Things To Do Today . . . by Kenny Kerner
Arrangers, producers, publishers, A&R Reps, managers, agents--they all have lists. So get into the habit of thinking and acting like a professional. from Taxi

Why It's Easier to Land a Film or TV Deal
Why not use film and TV placements to finance your survival while you continue to try to score that ever-elusive record deal. (from Taxi)

Mark Okoh
Interview with the docklands based music photographer from MyDocklands.

The Problem with Music
A cautionary tale on being signed to a record label at The Other Side BBS Forums originally posted by rock producer Steve Albini.

Music Biz Academy
US site provides a host of articles on marketing and promoting your music with directories of talent and booking agents and other resources.

What to look for in a photo shoot
Written by creative photographer Tony Smith.

Contains massive list of articles from industry personnel covering everything from singing and marketing to touring and getting signed.

Music Promotion
Articles on promoting your music, choosing an internet record label and other related subjects from journalist Sean McManus who wrote regularly for Making Music and other magazines.

TheBards Crier - Free weekly guerrilla music marketing and promotion ezine

Marketing & Promotion Articles by Marc Gunn of TheBards Crier. Marc has helped 1000's of musicians make money with their musical groups through TheBards Crier and the Texas Musicians Network. Now you can get personal advice by visiting http://bardscrier.com for FREE "how-to" music marketing assistance. No time to visit the site? Subscribe to The Bards Crier.com distributed weekly for Free: mailto:subscribe@bardscrier.com

Band Newsletters, Part I.
Tips on how to effectively market your band with an ezine.

Band Newsletters, Part II.
More tips on how to put together an ezine for your band.

Blow Your Own Trumpet
by John Wilmott. Self-marketing your own music.

Building A Fan Base. As Easy As 1-2-3.
Killer tips on how to double your fan base easy and inexpensively.

Building a Successful Freelance Band
Part I. Tips for running a band as a business.

Building a Successful Freelance Band
Part II. Tips for running a band as a business.

Confessions of a Master CD Sales Woman, Part 2
Well a great performance and an interactive sales crew is just the start to seling more CDs at gigs. The Rogues also employ other salespeople.

Confessions of a Master CD Sales Woman
A couple months ago, I wrote The Rogues to ask them directly what it is that makes them so successful at selling CDs, and why they are one of the top 5 bands on CDstreet selling CDs. Sharon Wothke wrote back:

Effective Post Card Mailings - Direct Mail.
Can you make a killing? Giantfella's did. Take heed.

Freewill - BardsCrier.com Music Marketing Contest Winner Tips.
Our music contest winner has some great advice for indie musicians.

Get to Work!
Looking for gigs in all the right places.

How to Break a #1 Hit on MP3.com, Part I
At the end of August 2000, I read some ad copy at CelticWays.com. In it John Wilmott, NMA Promoter, spoke of a new direction in the music market. He predicted CDs were going out of style to be replaced by MP3s and the new digital technology. And he awoke in me a desire to look into the new music model found in MP3.com.

How to Effectively Sell Your CDs Online
The recent changes in the payback formula at MP3.com had catastophic results to indie artists everywhere. My band, the Brobdingnagian Bards, was making over $100 per day when the system dropped out from beneath us. But you know, it didn't hit us as hard as many artists.

Let Them See It, Touch It, Hear It, Taste It, Smell It
by Bob Baker. Enticing people to try and buy your music.

Living the Dream: One CD at at Time
I read somewhere not too long ago that someone was lamenting that artists are putting out too many albums without spending enough time promoting them. Well, I hate to say it, but my group, the Brobdingnagian Bards, is guilty of such a crime.

Make A Name for Yourself - Genre Newsletters.
Using a ezine to draw in new fans of your style of music.

How To Achieve Your Music Goals
In seven simple steps.

Music Promotion Success Story
Can you make a killing? Giantfella's did. Take heed.

Play It Forward
A hot tip on how to virally market your music using e-card resources.

Proper Care and Feeding of a Music Editor
by Carla Hall. Part I of two great tips on how to make sure you get get reviews

Proper Care and Feeding of a Music Editor
by Carla Hall. Part II of two great tips on how to make sure you get get reviews

Riding the Waves of Another's Success
Endorsements are the name of the game.
Endorsing businesses will only lead to your success.

Selling More CDs at Gigs. A Case Study: The Rogues
A few weekends back, the Brobdingnagian Bards performed at the Austin Celtic Festival. We shared the stage with some amazing bands, but at the very top of my list were The Rogues.

Send Them Away and Reap the Rewards
Trading endorsements to the profit of all involved.

The Best Band in Town
How to make your name the biggest in your community by allying it to the current best.

The High Value of Music Pre-Promotion by Kenny Love.
How to promote your music in record stores and radio to get a decent response

The King Midas Touch
How one extraordinary band has made a difference worth their weight in gold.

The Needs of the Many
Serving your fans to serve yourself.

The New Music Marketing Model for 2001.
Change the way you promote your music and see a dramatic rise in income.

The Notoriety You Deserve
Without proper promotion, your band could spend the next thirty years playing daily and yet still remain virtually unheard of. But there is a way to beat the system and keep this from happening.

The Secret of Minimal Effort Music Marketing
Proven tips to increase your unique visits and build your fan base