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The style of music you choose to sing is purely a personal choice, limited only by your vocal range, power and tone, so how do you choose material that is not only right for your voice but will also appeal to your listening audience?

Perhaps you know the type of songs you want to sing, but where do you find the music, what does an arranger do and what type of accompaniment do you need? Or maybe you want to write your own songs, are searching for songwriting tools, copyright information and songwriting resources?

All these questions and more are answered in 'The Right Material' which also contains free sheet music downloads, suppliers listings, repertoire and audition books, links to sources of free midi, mp3, lyrics, tab and sheet music sites plus articles on aspects of voice use with repertorie and information on types of accompaniment used by singers.

Introduction to accompaniment, including types of accompaniment used by singers for auditions and performance.
The role of the accompanist plus links to related articles and accompanists available in the UK.
The role of the music arranger plus links to related resources and music arrangers in the UK.
Backing TracksBacking Tracks
Types of backing tracks, how to choose backing tracks plus suppliers and links to related resources.
Books for SingersBooks for Singers
Music books, sheet music books, audition and repertoire with practice tracks plus vocalise, exercise and lesson books for singers.
Choosing SongsChoosing Songs
Advice on how to choose songs suitable for the singers voice type with tips and links to resources and sites.
The role of the composer plus links to related resources, sites for composers with information on history and theory of composition.
Covers vs OriginalsCovers vs Originals
Following on from choosing songs with insight and tips for singers on singing covers and original songs.
Forming a BandForming A Band
Article for beginners on how to form a band or find a band of musicians to sing with, includes advice on what to look for and how to apply for a band audition.
Free Sheet MusicFree Sheet Music
Free sheet music downloads plus listings and links to sites providing free sheet music downloads.
The House BandThe House Band
Article for beginners on the role of the House Band, what they do, who they are and what is required from the singer when working with them.
Live or TracksLive or Tracks
Article on the differences plus pro's & con's between singing with live musicians or using backing tracks.
Lyrics to our lessons, tips on phrasing, diction and language books and resources, learning the words, where to find lyrics using the internet and role of the Lyricist
Midi Tab and LyricsMidi, Tab & Lyrics
Links to sites, listservers and newsgroups providing free midi, tab and lyrics plus dedicated search engines.
Music ProducerMusic Producer
The role of the music producer and musical director and their relationship to singers and songwriters.
Pleasing the AudiencePleasing the Audience
The singers eternal dilemma, how to please an audience, choosing standard songs, tips and advice.
Advice on songwriting, collaberating, copyright and royalties explained, songwriting articles, songwriting competitions, songwriting tools and books plus links to related resources and sites of interest.
Style and GenreStyle & Genre
Styles and genres of music and voice types that are typically associated with them plus links to related resources.
Tone and EmotionTone & Emotion
Article on the using tone and emotion in the voice to enhance a song plus links to related articles, tips and advice.
Vocal Range and KeysVocal Range & Keys
Article on finding your range and choosing the right keys for your songs.

How To's & Lessons

Perfecting your Act
Polishing up your act, venue suggestions, things required for publicity or press packs including example cover letters plus advertising and self promotion tips.

How to be Heard in the Music Business
Advice and tips on getting agents, management, gigs, media coverage, radio airplay, how to get a publishing or recording contract with example contracts.

Music Equipment
Basic Equipment requirements, advice on set up, basic maintenance and repairs plus tips and articles on achieving a good live and recorded sound.

Voice Training
Free singing lessons, exercises for singers, ear training, pitch, posture, fitness, timing, tempo, rhythm, bmp, confidence, microphone, performance and vocal techniques, singing articles, languages and translation resources, tutorials and advice on singing and learning to sing for beginners to advanced singers and singing tutors

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