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Having good "Mic Technique" means two things: understanding that a microphone's diaphragm reacts with varying sensitivity to your vocal performance; and knowing how to adjust your body according to the dynamics of the delivery.

If you're going to deliver a quiet, intimate vocal from start to finish, you can afford to position your mouth just a few inches (or even less) from the microphone. If the vocal is to be sung full volume throughout the song, you may stand a couple feet away . Quite often, though, a song is dynamic enough to require different amounts of air to be pushed at different times. Singers with good mic technique will move their body closer to or further away from the mic as the song unfolds. Ideally, your mouth is as close to the mic as possible before overloading it with level (which will cause it to distort or, with super-sensitive mic's, to temporarily shut down -- this will always be blamed on the engineer, even if it's the prima-donna singer's fault. )

Tip: don't be afraid to move your head back a couple inches for just a phrase or even a syllable -- you can also aim your mouth slightly above or to the side of the diaphragm for particularly loud moments.

The information above came from "Studio Buddy -- The Home Recording Helper." It's a self-contained, easy to use database of recording tips designed specifically for people with home studios. If you find this article helpful, you should download the FREE program at:

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Article reprinted with permission from TAXI: The Independent A&R Vehicle that connects unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, Film & TV music supervisors.