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When To Write Press Releases

Concert/Show and or Tour information
Record, Publishing, Merchandising Deal Announcements
Band Personnel Changes/Additions
CD, Tape, and Video Release Information
Promotional Events/Marketing Plans/Misc. Announcements

What The Print and Broadcast Media Need

News or announcements related to their target audience
Deadlines met for calendars and event listings
Event or information in proximity to their coverage area

Layout and Essential Information

Double space all content
The phrase "For Immediate Release" centered near top 1/3 or page
Date press release is sent out
Contact information: Person media can call for more information with phone number and fax number
Printed on company or artist/band stationary with full address info
1 to 1 1/2 pages long (unless for major event or project)
End with the marks ### centered at end of the body

The Press Release Structure

The Slug Line (Headline)

Short, but attention-getting headline phrase
A hint of the purpose or topic to be presented

The Lead Paragraph

Should include the 5 W's and the H (if needed):

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

Summation of the basic topic/information
Begin with the most important part of the information
Who is in the beginning sentence, followed by Where and When
Why, What, and How follow in the next few sentences
No unnecessary details should be included in the lead paragraph

The Body

Elaboration on the theme or purpose of the press release
One thought, one paragraph. Cohesive, single ideas in each paragraph
Write information in descending order of importance
Keep information factual. Opinions only in quotes with proper credit
Use simple sentences (Subject - Object -Verb) and avoid too much hype
Ending option: Recap essential information from first paragraph
Proofread several times for spelling, and/or grammatical errors

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