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The following are external links to articles on singing for singers by singers and singing teachers. Please Note: We have no control over content changes that external sites choose to make, if a link is broken try the home page link that is provided for each site. If you have written an article that you would like us to link to please send us a brief description and url address using the contact form. All links open in a new window or jump down the page to the links listing.

Inside Out
Opera company provides some singing lessons in online streaming video format including:
Singing and your body
Warm Ups
Getting Started
Plus downloadable info on singing and vocal warm ups in pdf format and a couple of practise sheets.

L'Atelier du Chanteur

L'Atelier du Chanteur - French/English site with animated & audio exercises with articles and lessons for singers & teachers. Article contributions are mainly in english.

Again the concept of voice placement by Lloyd W. Hanson
Against the pedagogical use of the nasal consonants by John Nix
Alexander technique bibliography by Lindsey Van de Kirk
Allergies and other Congestions by John Messmer
Articulation of the consonants and intelligibility by Lloyd W. Hanson
Breathing and appoggio by Lloyd W. Hanson
Breathing and the diaphragm by Lloyd W. Hanson
Breathiness in young debutants by John Nix
Can I develop high notes from falsetto by Michael Gordon
Chemicals and the voice by John Messmer
Chest vs Head Voice by Lloyd W Hanson
Choral Seating: mixed or by voice section? by Lloyd W. Hanson
Head voice and falsetto by Lloyd W. Hanson
Hearing one's own voice by Steve Fraser
How can I learn to sing high notes? by Michael Gordon
How to sing high notes by Karen Mercedes
How to sing legato by Tim Schmidt
How to sing the appogiaturas by Alan August
Loosing the tongue by Tim Schmidt
Muscle type and innervation of the diaphragm by John Messmer
Nasal and Sinus Surgery by John Messmer
Reflux (Gerd) by John Messmer
The pedagogical value of falsetto by John Moody
Vowels and formants by Lloyd W. Hanson
Also read the L'Atelier du Chanteur's Singers FAQ - extensive Singers Health FAQ.

Laura Claycomb

Laura Claycomb's Young Artist Resources
Articles providing down to earth insights into the career of opera singing including:
Part l Life Goals
Part ll Day In, Day Out
Part lll Getting Started
Part lV Advanced Career
Part V Taxes
Part Vl Health
Young Artist Programs
Resume Advice
Also includes tips and links to European audition/competition ideas, summer festivals and other useful stuff.


The Singing Realm produced by Martin Dahlberg contains articles in English and Swedish:

A short introduction - what is a voice?
Basic anatomy
Breath management for singing
Vocal fold formation
Larynx height
Keeping the vocal folds clean
Singing with a cold
Vocal Q & A
The importance of proper vocal fold adduction
The role of the jaw and tongue
Do you warm up?
Short vocal dictionary
Vowel modification
Voice recognition
Click Here to visit the site.


Tona de Brett
has several articles on her site, including choosing a teacher, breathing exercises:
Live Performance
Singing in a Recording Studio
Vocal Points


Cambiata Vocal Music Institute of America, Inc
CVMIA is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to promulgating tenets of the Cambiata Concept, a comprehensive philosophy and methodology of teaching vocal music to early adolescents. This site provides assistance to vocal music educators and church musicians who work with students in the mid-level and secondary grades and contains a wide range of articles addressing problems and issues regarding boys and young adolescent voices including:

A Case for Quality Music
Approaches to Teaching Boys with Changing Voices
Books That Assist Teachers of Adolescent Singers
Classifying Early Adolescent Voices
Different Ways Boys' Voices Change
Discipline in the Choral Classroom
How to Choose Music Adolescents Can Sing
Recruiting Boys to Sing in Choir
Rote Teaching Melody-Part Style Music
Singing Cambiata Music with Adults
Singing Four Parts with Mid-Level Students
Tenets of the Cambiata Concept
The Male Changing Voice In High School
Training the Uncertain Singer
Understanding Adolescent Vocal Registers

David Jones - The Voice Teacher

The Voice Teacher Maestro David Jones has a variety of singing articles available in English & Deutsch - also see Gilles Denizot Singing Articles

Achieving Balance in the "Ah" Vowel
Acoustical Deception in Singing Onstage
Applying Technique to Repertoire
Artistry of Jussi Bjoerling
Attack or Onset of Sound
Breath & Support
Breath Management
Counter Tenor - Vocal Issue & Answers
Cuperto, The
Dangers of the Flat or Retracted Tongue
Damaging Vocal Techniques
Dramatic Voices
Female Lower Passaggio
Flagstad & Garcia's 'Coup de Glotte'
History of the Swedish/Italian School of Singing
How to Vocalize a Choir & Keep Vocal Health
Legato Line
Lower Voice or Higher
Master Teaching: The Lost Art
Passaggio, The
Psycological Abuse
Psychological Hints for Teachers
Recuperating Damaged Voices
Saving A Voice Teacher's Energy
Singing Dramatically without Pushing the Voice
The Right of Entitlement Singer vs The Professional Mind
The Shaking Jaw & Tongue
Whistle Register
The Vocal "Wobble" - Causes & Solutions
Understanding Vibrato
Understanding & Solving Problems in the Middle Register
Understanding the Whistle Register
Vennard & Lindquest
Vocal Acoustics in the Theater
Working with Diplophonia

Kristina's Vocal Studio

Kristina Seleshanko
Provides a number of articles on singing online at her website including:
General Singing and Vocal Tips
Growing As a Singer
Singing Terms
Audition Tips
Belting: How Singers Can Belt Safely
Thoughts on How To Scat
Things That Affect Your Singing
Tips For Effective Rehearsing
How Singing Is Created (VOCAL ANATOMY)
Tension & Singing
What Is "Support?"
How To Warm Up
Voice Types
How Can I Learn To Sing With Vibrato?
How Do I Sing More Loudly?
Singing and Pregnancy

Dr. Martin Rothenberg - Glottal Enterprises

Dr. Martin Rothenberg
Provides a number of articles on singing and sound online in html or .pdf format at his website.
Inverse filtering on your laptop (2003)
A multichannel electroglottograph (1992)
The control of air flow during loud soprano singing (1987)
Monitoring vocal fold abduction through vocal fold contact area (1988)
Cosi fan tutte and what it means or Nonlinear source-tract acoustic interaction in the soprano voice and some implications for the definition of vocal efficiency (1986)
Induced transglottal pressure variations during voicing (1986)
Source-Tract Acoustic Interaction in Breathy Voice (1984)
Source-Tract Acoustic Interaction and Voice Quality (1983)
Interpolating Subglottal Pressure from Oral Pressure (1982)
An Interactive Model for the Voice Source (1981)
Acoustic Interaction Between the Glottal Source and the Vocal Tract (1981)
The voice source in singing (1981)
Encoding Voice Fundamental Frequency into Vibrotactile Frequency (1979)
Some relations between glottal air flow and vocal fold contact area (1979)
Measurement of airflow in speech (1977)
Nonlinear inverse filtering technique for estimating the glottal-area waveform (1976)
A new inverse-filtering technique for deriving the glottal air flow waveform during voicing (1973)
The glottal volume velocity waveform during loose and tight voiced glottal adjustments (1971)
The Breath-Stream Dynamics of Simple-Released-Plosive Production (1968)
A new method for the measurement of nasalance (Unpublished Manuscript)
Correcting low frequency phase distortion (Unpublished Manuscript)

National Center for Voice & Speech

NCVS National Center for Voice & Speech based in USA has several good sections Singers Articles at NCVS which address both basic questions and advanced vocal techniques alike with an easy to understand style written by Dr. Ingo Titze Phd.  These are in .pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat to read Click Here to download Free Acrobat Viewer) and some excellent Principles of Voice Production Singers Tutorials with animations, quick time movies and audio clips and an online test your knowledge section.

Guide to Vocology
A Few Thoughts About Longevity in Singing
A Modern-Day Vocologist
Are the Corner Vowels Like Primary Colors?
Chaos in Vocal Fold Vibration
Choir Warm-ups: How Effective are They?
Comments on "Jurassic Squawks"
Comments on Kiwi Electrician's Scream
Control of Movement in our Body
Critical Periods of Vocal Change: Advanced Age
Critical Periods of Vocal Change: Early Childhood
Critical Periods of Voice Change: Puberty
Decade of Imaging, The
Engineering Vocal Fold Tissues
Five Ingredients of a Physiologically Gifted Voice
Fritz Wunderlich: The James Dean Among Tenors
Glottal Resistance
Keeping it Moist
Lamina Propria of the Vocal Cords, The
Lip and Tongue Trills - What do They Do for Us?
Mariachi Voice, The
Messa Di Voce
More on Messa Di Voce
Natural Frequencies in Our Bodies
Noise in the Voice
Normal Modes of Vibration
On the Springiness and Stickiness of Vocal Fold Tissues
Physiological Absurdity of Choir Arrangements, The
Piriform Sinuses, The
Raised Versus Lowered Larynx Singing
Singing: A Story of Training Entrained Oscillators
Speaking Vowels Versus Singing Vowels
Tibetan Chanting and Harmonic Singing
Vocal Melt-Down in October/November
uUse of Low First Formant Vowels and Nasals to Train the Lighter Mechanism, The
Vocal Warm Up Exercises (view as html)
Voice Quality: Part I
Voice Quality: Part II
Voice Synthesis: Part I
Voice Transformation
Warm-up Exercises
What Can a Power Spectrum Tell us About the Voice?
What is a Subharmonic?
Why Do We Have a Vocal Ligament?
Wide Pharynx, The


Neil Howlett
Baritone and vocal tutor provides several comprehensive articles on singing at his website including:

Good posture - Why?
On planning a practice regime
The Passagio
On singing recitative
The Stable Larynx
Voce Finta
What is technique?
The Myth of Forward Placement
What is a Heldentenor?
On Choosing a Singing Teacher
The Trill
Coup de la Glotte

Mark Baxter

Voice Lesson USA Singing Teacher Mark Baxter is the author of The Rock n Roll Singers Survival Guide. His site is excellent containing free singing lessons, tips & faq's aimed at Rock/Pop singers in both text and video format. It now uses flash for it's front page so if you have a problem use the links below which take you to the html lesson page.

Mark Baxters Voice Lessons FAQ

Getting Started
What's the best first step? Am I too old / young? How do I get a record deal?

How can I increase my range? What's the best way to breathe? Vibrato?

Vocal Damage
How can I keep from blowing out? Should I feel pain after singing? Do I have nodes?

Singing with a Cold
What are the best medications? Should I use a humidifier? Is it OK to sing?

Freaking Out
I just got diagnosed with nodes! I'm worried about my first gig/recording!

Free Lessons Index
"Let Yourself Sing" If only it were that easy . . . hey, it is!
"Anatomy 101" Can you put your hand on your diaphragm?
"Warming Up" How to get the most from your voice.
"Rx For Stage Fright" Simple tips before taking that first step on stage.
"The Impostor Syndrome" Don't think you're good enough? You're not alone.
"Singing With a Cold" Better yet, how to avoid one in the first place.
"Vibrato" Add some spark to your voice
"Power Breathing" How to get the power without the push
"Singing For Your Supper" Want to make a living with your voice?
"Drop The Chalupa" . . . or learn what G.E.R.D. means the hard way
"The Gift?" A beautiful voice doesn't come for free
"Let Freedom Sing!" How to sing in troubled times
"It Takes Two" Is your breathing cramping your style?
"Don't Wait to Hydrate" How to properly water the voice
"Great Sex" (This one is rated PG-13)
"Maximum Range" The back door approach for high notes - POSTED 06/18/02

Per Bristow

Bristow Voice Method by Per Bristow
Singer and founder of the Bristow Voice Method provides free online articles and faq for singers including:
Voice Disorders and Vocal Health
The Power of Hydration
The Truth About Acid Reflux
Core Strengthening/Breathing/Stretching
Tone Deaf, Perfect Pitch and American Idol

'Gilles Denizot'

Opera Lab by Gilles Denizot
Voice Teacher has several articles on singing available in French and English (.pdf needs Adobe Acrobat Reader:-

The Beginner, work suggestions
Teaching Amateurs
Teacher - Singer Partnership
Learning to Sing via Internet
Becoming a Master Teacher
Vocal and Human Scars, Result of a certain "teaching"
From Studio to Stage, the path of the professional singer
Oral Cavity in Singing
Mouth Posture in Singing
Notes on Vocal Identity
Of Vocal Registers
Singers Technical Checklist
Thoughts on Tristan, the Heldentenor Voice, and Lauritz Melchior Read Articles at OperaLab

Gilles Denizot holds Masterclasses, Demonstrations and Private Lessons in Paris - Brussels - London - Geneva - Lausanne - Newcastle You can book a lesson "online" at the site.  For any questions, an appointment or a lesson, please contact Gilles Denizot at info@operalab.org or by phone at +44 7817 836 358.


Paul Mason is a voice teacher based in Toronto who provides several articles for singers online including:

Registers & Passaggio
Vocal Technique