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Enter Email is an online based information site for singers. We do not employ singers, arrange bookings, act as management or recommend artists to managers and A & R so please don't ask! Neither will we send you the database, personal email addresses or provide you with a personal introduction/recommendation - please stop asking because it's NOT going to happen. (Read our Disclaimer & Privacy Policy).

We don't claim to 'know it all' (cos we don't!) and you may not agree with our opinion, but we do have a great deal of experience of the music industry and the business of singing which we are happy to share or point you in the right direction if we can. Before contacting us with your question please browse the site - most queries we receive have already been answered and can be found within We only reply to queries via the Contact Form and we suggest reading the F. A. Q., before contacting us. Please make sure you provide a valid email address or we will be unable to answer your query.

We provide online contact addresses and links to agents, managers, teachers and other music industry related businesses which can be found in the Databases section.

What's New

April 2012
Actually have updated quite a lot since 2009 .... sorry to be so bad at updating the whats new section ... but the good news .. is that in future you can receive all the latest news and updates from our new NEWS section via email! Visit News to subscribe to the occassional newsletter.

Sept 2009
Fixed broken internal links on 11 pages! Also ...... TA DA!! New singing lesson video tutorial site !! is now live!

Aug 2009
I really must make a note to update this page more often!! Despite the lack of info here, we have been busy working on the site - the long process of checking links is still ongoing. The new music directory is due to be upgraded soon and as soon as this has been completed we will be transferring the old links directory to the new system. There are still a lot of updates to do - including adding some new articles and updating some old ones!

Oct 2007
Well it's been awhile since updating this page... mainly due to forgetting that it was here, so updates and new page/article additions have been continuing even though it hasn't been listed!! Finally got around to recoding most of the site pages to validate xhtml 1.0 transitional ... if you don't know what that means, well in a nutshell it should help speed up the page load time and hopefully stop some of those 403 and 404 errors that have been reported. No explaination for those as unable to duplicate the error in IE7, FF or Opera... but suspect it has something to do with user browser settings so you may want to check that your browser is up to date. Still have to go through the pages to do external link checks and remove dead links ... thats going to take awhile so appreciate it if visitors can report broken links. The existing links database is also in the process of being transferred to our new Music Business Directory.

May 2005
New articles added to the Marketing and Artist Reviews sections. Updated Bandit and Taxi Job Listings.

April 2005
A hacker attempt on the server on Monday 4 April resulted in loss of service and corruption of some files on the sites. If you visited us during the 4th & 5th April, please run a virus and spyware check on your computer. The sites are in the process of being restored and further news on the incident will be placed on Singing Teachers soon.

Nov 2004
Well although it appears that nothing has been added since January, in fact, we've been so busy that we forgot to update this page! Thanks to YOU, all the sites have now been relocated on our own dedicated server. Lots of new articles and a complete new site has been added over the past new months. If you haven't discovered it yet, zap over to Singing which is now the interactive arm of! At the new site you will find our new discussion forum, classified ads, news articles and a searchable worldwide singing teachers directory!

Jan 2004
Added new page about working as an entertainer on Cruise Ships plus Cruise Ship Links and updated the agency pages with the new link. The main article is available from the Singing Careers page, which now has an additional section for performers with disabilities.

Nov 2003 - Dec 2003
Ok Hands UP.... I forgot to update this page... but there were several pages added and updated.... search the newsletter archive for links.

Oct 2003
Added information on the new Musicality channel 4 series/competition, new section on Busking, Management software, virtual offices and online solutions for people on the move, plus childrens music groups in the Teachers Database plus a few new articles.

Sept 2003
Apologies for the loss of service and disruption at the Club site - The hard-drive on the server went doolally just after transfer so the Club and some of the associate sites are being moved. All will hopefully be back to normal soon! Fortunately this has only affected the remote services used by Vocalist, most noticably the Classifieds which have been offline. We took the opportunity to remove the old ads and set up a new system which has some neat features including the ability for users to post audio and images with their ad!! Go take a look at the New Classified Ads! and start posting!!

August 2003
Ahh.... no we haven't deserted you - updates have been made to various pages over the last couple of months, but ..... we forgot to update this page DOH! Well, other than the individual page updates, we have extended the Repertoire section which now includes pages for each fach/voice type. The vocalist email service has been back online and working normally now for about a month whilst the musicians among you will be pleased to hear that thanks to YOUR support, we have finally been able to move the rest of the Electric Blues Club sites onto paid hosting .... Whooo Hoo! Pop-up ads are now eliminated from all pages except the remotely hosted ones like guestbooks..... and we're working on those!! Last but not least..... we have some new features coming soooooon!!

April/May 2003
New Singers Articles include Passaggio, Voice Registers, Solfege (Shape Note Singing) and Solfege Books with additions made to the Ear Training/Sight Singing Books, Singing Compeitions and Open Mic Night listings. Those of you who have had problems with the Vocal Scales/Exercises Player will be pleased to hear we have installed a second Player for Windows XP and latest browsers. Made a few design changes like the snazzy coloured scrolling bar and we are gradually changing the visited links colour. The email service is still not working, apologies for the inconvenience.

March 2003
New Hosting!! Yup, we have moved to a new hosting provider, tidied up some of the pages, added a new lesson plans page to the Teachers Corner..... PLUS a new domain name and hosting has been purchased for the KrazyKats Karaoke site

Jan/Feb 2003
13 new articles added to the Marketing Articles section including the Pro's & Con's of TV talent shows, increasing your earnings, airplay and one for the Songwriting Articles section or the UK Recording Studios section for demo recording and video production services.

As our regular users can see, we have changed pretty much everything including the hosting provider which with the exception of the remote hosted pages mean no more pop-ups! The layout, design and navigation have all been altered, there is a new guestbook, chatroom and messageboard plus several new sections have been added and although all the original stuff is still available, much of this has been moved onto it's own page to lighten the download time and make it easier to find.

What's Next
We are in the process of putting together a section aimed at parents and young children, please let us know via the contact form if you have any ideas, sites or articles that you would like included. Some of the new sections like the database and singing teachers listings are always under construction and constantly updated. As usual we are way behind on the updates and will be monitoring our new host closely. Other goodies will be added as we get time ;-)

Singing Lessons

There are several basic pages to aid complete beginners to gain a brief understanding of what it requires to embark on a singing career and for the more experienced vocalists we have books and links to advanced sites for you to browse and new sections added on a regular basis. We would always suggest that you seek supervised tuition.   Vocal tuition can be provided at reasonable rates from private tutors or via music schools and universities.

Singing Tutors

We offer our online visitors the opportunity to contact singing tutors in their area and have set up an online listing of UK Singing Tutors, Classes & Workshops. Many classes and workshops are cheaper than an individual lesson or offer a particular style and experience. Some workshops run by non-profit groups can charge as little as 5.00 but you can expect to pay on average between 10 - 25+ for a private lesson. For those who have asked, I am a professional singer and vocal coach. Due to current illness I am limited to the amount of pupils I can now accept but applications to join the waiting list are welcome via email to the webmaster, please use the subject heading: Lessons. If you offer tuition or coaching and would like to be included free of charge please contact us. Include any details you wish to provide and links to your website if applicable. We can also supply a web-page to those who require it, details available by request, (a demonstration page will be supplied soon).

We have also set up sections providing information on groups and organisations and would appreciate any links/addresses you have to add.   You will find a full list of Music Colleges, Courses, Schools and Universities at the Electric Blues Club.

Vocalist Email


EMAIL SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - On 1st July 2002 we upgraded the service so that all NEW users will automatically be registering for 'Mail Plus' which costs $19.99 (approx 15.00) without anti-virus and $27.99 a year with the anti-virus feature see below for further details.  Your new email address will be Please Note:- Subscribers to the old Free Email service will not be affected by the upgrade - you will still be able to access your account as usual without any fees or charges unless you choose to upgrade using the links below and in your mailbox. We have taken this step due to the overwhelming popularity of the service - due to the number of subscribers it has become impossible for us to maintain the service and provide support, the Mail Plus option provides this and other features which are not available to the free email users. If you signed up to the old email and are encountering problems please read the FAQ for solutions.

Free Newsletter

We have changed to a new newsletter provider in conjunction with the Electric Blues Club to keep you up to date on the latest site news, new free services, music articles, news, humour & reviews. This new service allows for a greater number of subscribers and has an archive search facility to allow previous newsletters to be found and read online! We try to provide this monthly but have to admit that it sometimes only gets sent when we have time so you needn't worry about tons of email from us!  Write & tell us a music related joke, story or review & if we like it, we will include it!!   Provided by the ever wonderful many of whose configurable free apps we use on our sites.  Sign up by using our Free Newsletter box below or from any page on the sites.

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