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A selection of singing lessons, tutorials and articles written by us and collected from singers and teachers around the internet for you to peruse at your leisure. If you have a website with related articles and would like the link added to our list please contact us with relevant details.

The links lead to the complete article, lesson or exercise inside the site and where written by an external author contain links to their site and/or the site that initially printed the article on behalf of the author. Within each section you will also find links to related external articles, resources, theories, sites etc.

Links to further articles produced by external sites are available by using the 'More Articles' link at the bottom of the index below.

A - Z of Singing Articles

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   4 Reasons Why Ear Plugs Will Improve Your Rockstar Vocals

   5 Basic Components in Singing for Aspiring Singers

   Are Singing Exercises Really Important?

   Breathing Exercises That Work For Singers

   Can I Improve My Singing Without Spending Hours Every Week?

   Discover Your "Middle Voice" and Improve Your Singing in Amazing Ways

   Frustrating Vocal Cord Nodules and How to Avoid Them

   How Can You Tell If Your Singing Lessons Are Working?

   How Do I Breathe?" A Singer's Perspective on the Power of Deep Breathing

   How to Comply With the Standards of Professional Singing

   Singing Kids - Does Your Child Have Star Potential?

   Why Should A Singer Drink More Water?

   Voice Training Video Lessons

   A Voice For A Lifetime in 30 Days - Introduction
   Accompaniment Intro
   Accessing Head Voice
   Are Music Talent Competitions Worthwhile
   Art of the Singer
   Audition Advice
   Backing Tracks
   Become a Master of Resonance
   Breath Control
   Breathing 101
   Breathing Exercises
   Breathing Techniques
   Calculate Beats Per Minute
   Choosing Songs
   Covers vs Original
   Creating the Sound or 'The Grunt'
   Ear Training & Pitch Exercises
   Effective Stage Presence for Open Mic and Beyond
   Find A Teacher
   Fitness Exercises
   Forming A Band
   Getting Past the First 30 Seconds
   Gigging Advice
   Hearing Sensitivity
   House Bands
   How To Be Heard
   How to Sing Backup. Blend in to Stand Out
   How To Tell What Major Key A Song Is In Quickly & Easily
   Learning Lyrics
   Learning the Art of Productive Vocal Practice
   Live or Tracks
   Making It As A new Rap Artist Today
   Making the Transition from Singer to Voice Talent
   Material & Repertoire
   Miming - Acceptable or Not
   Microphone Techniques
   Music Producers
   Open Mic & Talent Show Differences
   Perfecting the Act
   Performance Blues
   Performance Dynamics
   Performance Power
   Performance Techniques
   Pleasing Audiences
   Posture Exercises
   Powerful Vocals
   Practice, Practice, Practice
   Preparing For Stage
   Ready, Set, Perform
   Releasing Tension
   Rock Screaming & Belting
   Should I Sing This in my Head or Chest Voice
   Sing Jingles?
   Singing With Hearing Loss
   Sight Reading & Singing
   Sing With Confidence
   Singing Other Languages
   Stage Fright. Why Am I So Scared? What Can I do?
   Style & Genre
   Ultimate Vocal Workout by Jaime Vendera
   Timing, Tempo & Rhythm
   The Importance of Vocal Health
   Throat Tension
   Tips on Forming Bands
   Tone & Emotion
   Vocal Exercises
   Things Singers Should Avoid
   Vocal Folds
   Vocal Group Practise
   Vocal Health
   Vocal Range & Keys
   Vocal Techniques
   Voice Registers
   What Does It Mean To Have Good Mic Technique
   What is Speech Level Singing

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