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A selection of singing tutorials, how to's and music articles written by us or collected from around the internet for you to peruse at your leisure. Each section index contains links to websites providing lessons, tutorials and articles not available on this site for your convenience.  If you have an article that you would like included contact us with relevant section name, outline of article and url.

Equipment Reviews
Performance, recording and related equipment reviews, news and updates plus advice on equipment set-up, maintenance, basic repairs and live mixing for beginners.
Equipment Reviews Index
General Music Articles
Music and the Internet Revolution
by Tracey Howard-Baker
Vocalist & Electric Blues Club Webmaster - Author of Karaoke!

Published 16th November 2000 ONLINE at Free Pint
"Helping 33,000 people use the Web for their work"
Free Pint is a great resource for research and information on any subject with an excellent fortnightly newsletter and daily updates
Marketing & Promotion Articles
Everything from creating publicity and press packs and recording demo's to promoting your act, approaching record companies, getting press coverage and publishing to marketing, merchandising and selling your music.
Marketing & Promotion Articles Index
Singers Articles
Articles on singing for singers by singers and singing teachers. Includes exercises, techniques, diction, languages, health issues and tips to aid in understanding and improving the singing voice plus tips and ideas for beginners on types of material/repertoire.
Singers Articles Index
Singers Reviews
User submitted reviews and interviews with lesser known singers, bands and acts in the UK and Ireland.
Singers Reviews Index
Software Articles
Reviews, news and information on vocal removers, enhancers, effects plus spectographs and recording software including online spectograph and downloadable freeware and shareware software programs.
Software Articles Index
Songwriting Articles
Advice for beginners and articles for all standards on writing, composing, collaborating, music law and marketing with tips on where to look for ideas and areas to place your music.
Songwriting Articles Index
Electric Blues Club Articles
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