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PLEASE READ : is a non-profit site and we don't have paid staff to deal with enquries so responses may not be possible. Note that we are NOT an entertainment agency, record label or management company, nor do we provide introduction services, backing track production or sponsorship. Please do not write to us asking for personal singing lessons or individual advice!! We have spent a LOT of time trying to provide you with a wide variety of information on all aspects of singing and working in the music industry, and add new articles to the site for your benefit which are FREE to READ ONLINE with NO Registration so feel free to browse as we DO NOT have the staff or time to respond to visitor enquiries asking to make you famous or give you private free instruction.

Visitors searching for a teacher, private lessons, singing lessons, holidays and workshops may find them by visiting Singing Teachers Worldwide Directory

Those with singing queries, please use the Singing Teachers Forum where teachers and fellow singers may be able to answer your query.

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