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Surely anyone can sing without vocal training?

Many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or sing for fun, it is important to learn how protect your best asset and to increase it's potential.

Can YOU Sing?

Before you pay for tuition, take time to do the following steps

You will need:-

A Tape Recorder and Microphone.

Writing Materials.

Something to sing with - Use one of your favourite singles/backing track/midi file.

Record yourself singing along to a song.

Listen back to your recording.

Take notes on the following points:

Are you in Tune with the music? - your notes should match the song.

Is your voice weak or strong? - shouting is NOT Singing!!

Are you breathing correctly? - you should not be short of breath

Do you struggle to reach the notes - pick an easy song to start with!

Are you gasping for air between phrases - learn to breath in the "rests" between phrases

Record youself again with another song

Listen to the difference in your practice recordings as you progress.

Use our FREE online singing lessons, vocal scales and other exercises and tutorials to expand your knowledge and improve your abilities.

image of vocal foldsAnatomy for Singers
A basic introduction to vocal anatomy for beginners with links to related sites and articles
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Audio books and books for singers on singing including exercises, history, theory and advice for beginners to advanced vocalists and performers.

image of abcdDiction
Information on diction, vowels and consonants in relation to singing with advice and exercises for singers including tips and links to sites providing related lessons & articles.
image of lungsExercises
Free online exercises including breathing, fitness, posture, ear training, pitching and vocal exercises for singers including tips and links to sites providing related exercises, lessons & articles.

image of chanteurLanguages
Translation resources, books, dictionaries and sites for singers who want to sing in a foreign language.
image of mic with music staveTechniques
Advice and tips on vocal, performance, confidence and microphone techniques for singers plus books and related resources.

image of musical staveTiming, Tempo & Rhythm
Tips and advice for beginners plus BPM counter, reference chart, books, free software and links to related resources.
image of mouthTutorials
Articles for singers including audition advice, hitting the high notes, using falsetto, vibrato, performance, perfecting the act, powerful vocals, throat tension for beginners to advanced singers and singing teachers.

image of teacher at blackboardTuition
Database of singing teachers, vocal coaches, classes and workshops for singers plus links to online resources to aid in finding a singing teacher and vocal instruction. Tutors visit our Teachers Corner!
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image of video cameraVoice Training Video Lessons
Selection of links to free online video lessons, techniques, tips, advice, exercises plus hilarious spoofs and links to audio/visual tracks of some of the great singers past and present.

Beginners to Advanced singers can find some excellent sites on the internet, with free lessons, exercises and advice some of which can be found in sections of this site plus there are a host of excellent tutorials and articles for intermediate and advanced singers in our Singing & Music Articles section.

If you have any queries use the Frequently Asked Questions or post a message on the Singers & Singing Teachers Forum.

We highly recommend you seek supervised tuition from a reliable source.
Please Read Our DISCLAIMER.

Further Education

Vocal & Music Educational Establishments (UK) listings & links available at the Electric Blues Club website which also contains free online music lessons.

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