Free eBooks for Singers and Vocalists

Free ebooks for singers

Browse, read or download Free eBooks for singers, singing teachers, musicians, voice practitioners and musicians. These publications were originally published in hard cover between the 1800-1920’s by or about singers and teachers of renown in their time. There may be some content that is out-dated in comparison to similar publications of today, however, they still contain a wealth of information, exercises and techniques to help understand and develop the voice that is still very relevant.

We have made some of these eBooks available to read online complete with images and audio exercises or example files where provided. No registration is required to read these online, however, you will need to REGISTER FREE to download the epub and kindle format files. The download links will appear underneath the article text when logged in.. Members will also receive occasional news on site and download updates.

These books are all in the public domain and sourced from Project Gutenberg, Internet Music Score Library Project, The Open Library and the Internet Archive. They are provided here free of charge for education and research. Please note that some pages may take time to download due to size and although they are publicly available in the United States, copyright restrictions may differ in various countries.


8 Vocalises à trois Voix Op. 22 : L’Art du Chant Series by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)
10 Singing Lessons by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)
12 Vocalises élémentaires, Op.13 by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)
20 Vocalises élémentaires et progressives, op. 15 by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)
24 Vocalises for Soprano or Mezzo Soprano Op. 2 by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)
24 Vocalises pour Mezzo, Soprano ou Contr’alto. Op. 5 : L’Art du Chant by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)
145 Exercices élémentaires et gradués pour le développement de la voix, Op.1 by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)


ABC Guide to Music by D. Gregory Mason (download only)
ABC of Music or Progressive Lessons in the Rudiments of Music and Solfeggi by A. Panseron (download only)
ABC of Musical Theory by Ralph Dunstan, Mus.D. (download only)
A Book of Operas, by Henry Edward Krehbiel (read & download)
A Method of Teaching Harmony by Frederick G. Shinn (download only)
A Practical Discourse on Some Principles of Hymn-Singing by Robert Bridges (read & download)
A Practical Physiology, by Albert F. Blaisdell (read & download)
Art of Singing by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)
Art of Singing and Vocal Declamation by Sir Charles Santley (download only)


Breathing for Voice Production by H. H. Hulbert (download only)


Caruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of Singing by Enrico Caruso and Luisa Tetrazzini (read & download)
Caruso’s Method of Voice Production by Pasqual Mario Marafioti, M.D. (download only)
Commonplaces of Vocal Art by Louis Arthur Russell (download only)
Confessions of an Opera Singer by Kathleen Howard (read & download)
Cultivation of the Speaking Voice by John Hullah (download only)
Cusack’s Lectures on Music by James Cusack (download only)


Douze chants avec accompt de Piano by Maurice Ravel (download only)


Embellishments of Music by Louis Arthur Russell (download only)
English Diction for Singers and Speakers by Louis Arthur Russell (download only)
English Diction in Choral Performance by Robert E. Fisher (download only)
English Diction in Song and Speech by Clara Kathleen Rogers (download only)
Expressive Voice Culture by Jessie Eldridge Southwick (read & download)


Famous Singers of To-day and Yesterday by Henry C. Lahee (read & download)
Fifty Steps in Sight Singing by Arthur Somervell (download only)
Five years of vocal study under Fernando Michelena by Maria Antonia Field (download only)
For Every Music Lover by Aubertine Woodward Moore (read & download)
French Diction for Singers and Speakers by William Harkness Arnold (download only)
French Musical Diction by C. Thurwanger (download only)


Geraldine Farrar : The Story of an American Singer by Geraldine Farrar (read & download)
Grammar of Plainsong by the Benedictines of Stanbrook Abbey (download only)
Great Singers on the Art of Singing, by James Francis Cooke (read & download)
Great Singers, First Series by George T. Ferris (read & download)
Great Singers, Second Series by George T. Ferris (read & download)


Half Hour Lessons in Music by Mrs Hermann Kotzschmar (download only)
Harmony it’s Theory and Practice + Key + Additional Exercises by Ebenezer Prout (download only)
History of the Opera from its Origin in Italy to the present Time by Henry Sutherland Edwards (read & download)
How To Speak by Adelaide Patterson (download only)
Hygiene of the Vocal Organs by Sir Morell Mackenzie M.D. (download only)


Interpretation in Song by Harry Plunket Greene (download only)
Index to Kindergarten Songs Including Singing Games and Folk Songs by Margery Closey Quigley (read & download)


Jenny Lind’s Tour Through America and Cuba by Charles G. Rosenberg (download only)
Journal de Chant Vol 2 by J.B. Blasseau et Bielaerds (download only)
Journal de Chant Vol 3 by J.B. Blasseau et Bielaerds (download only)



L’Art Du Chant : Practical method in 4 parts Op21 by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)


Manual of French pronunciation and diction by James William Jack (download only)
Manual of Singing for the use of Choir Masters and Schoolmasters by Richard Mann (download only)
Manual of Graded Sight Singing Melodies for Blackboard Use by Francis E. Howard (download only)
Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border Vol II by Walter Scott (read & download)
Music As A Language, Lectures to Music Students by Ethel Home (read & download)
Music-Study in Germany by Amy Fay (read & download)


New and Complete Dictionary of Musical Terms by Dudley Buck (download only)


One Thousand Exercises to accompany Fifty Steps in Sight Singing by Arthur Somervell (download only)


Piano and Song by Friedrich Wieck (read & download)




Siegel-Myers School of Music – Vocal Record F (listen online & download)


The Child-Voice in Singing by Frances E. Howard (read & download)
The Marchesi Vocal Method by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)


Variantes et points d’orgue : composés pour les principaux airs du répertoire by Mathilde Marchesi (download only)