Are talent competitions worthwhile?

Do contests like American Idol, participating on some music talent search contest, open call audition or some talent competition actually help an amateur break into the music business? A lot of people have been asking me this question lately and so I decided that perhaps it might be a good idea to bring a little clarity to this issue. Does participating in a talent competition in itself guarantee you a bright future in the music or entertainment industry? The answer is NO.

Developing any career takes time and hard work and singing songs and hoping to win the talent contest will not guarantee that you will be the next rock superstar. It does however accomplish a number of very important small tasks that can be instrumental in helping you become a new music talent.

Every one knows that training and practice are important but it is not always obvious that certain physical abilities like having an ear for music or a flare for performing are also necessary for success in the business.

I am sure many of you have heard the stories of people that have the most amazing musical abilities. Wonderful voices, amazing music talent on a particular instrument and perhaps even a great stage presence yet these people are still not big in the music industry.

Well talent and ability need to be supplemented with business savvy and marketing expertise. All the marketing in the world however will not help if no one ever hears what you can do. Even if they hear what you can do you still need to know weather they are enjoying what they hear. You as an artist or musician need to understand what does public, that is viewing you likes and want so that you can adapt your performances to give your audience. It is only once you fill this need that you will then become successful.

Well the music talent contest does assist you in these other very important aspects of building your career in the entertainment industry. It gets your music to the public and gets you heard. It provides a means of getting feedback from your potential audience on your talent and it can assist you mold and modify what you do to fill their needs.

It gives you practice and if you advance in the contest actually helps you build a portfolio that shows how your talents have actually improved over time and provides the entertainment industry with a better idea of what you are capable of. Participating in a talent competition like this is supposed to be two things. It is supposed to be fun, and it is supposed to help you develop. Well the Music Media Entertainment Group is trying very hard to develop a website that will accomplish both of these results.

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