glottal attack

Glottal Attack

There have been several queries from singers seeking advice on glottal issues. We are not medically qualified therapists and the […]

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singing careers

Microphone Techniques

Few singers practice their microphone technique enough, which results in some fantastic voices being overlooked due to poor sound quality […]

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Singing Articles

Exercises for Singers

Free online exercises including breathing, fitness, posture, ear training, pitching and vocal exercises for singers including tips and links to sites providing related exercises, lessons & articles.

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Songwriting Books

A selection of books on songwriting for songwriters and singer/songwriters plus essential reference works to help the creative process. Please […]

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Solfege Books & Exercises

The following solfege books, audio and games are for beginners to professional vocalists, singing teachers and musicians. There are exercises, […]

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loud music

Hearing Sensitivity

How sensitive is your hearing? Believe it or not many singers find that certain sounds/noises are extremely irritating and sometimes […]

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Management Books

Books and Audio Books on the art of artist, personal and business management, including self management, management resources, contact bibles […]

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singing teacher

Vocal Scales & Tempo

Singing Exercises & Scales Insert mp3 player Stand with your shoulders relaxed, arms by your side. Breath in slowly. Start […]

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Vocaloid Software

New Yamaha VOCALOID Singing Synthesis Software Generates Superb Vocals On A PC Yamaha Corporation has developed new software that allows […]

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Songwriting Hooks

“Hook” is the term you’ll hear most often in the business and craft of commercial songwriting. (Well, maybe not as […]

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