10 Best Singing Apps for 2022

singing app

Do you want to take your singing abilities to the next level, but can’t spare the time or expense to take up singing lessons?

This is a problem of the past – thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now carry a pocket-sized vocal coach around you wherever you go.

Why do I need a singing app?

Whether you’re a beginner with natural singing ability but want to fine-tune your pitch and brush up on your theory, or you’re singing regularly and want some useful practice tips to help you warm up while you’re waiting in the wings, a singing app is exactly the helping hand you should keep in your pocket. Even the professionals can use a tune-up once in a while!

We’ve taken a look at the top ten best singing apps that 2022 has to offer for both iOS and Android – see which one works best for you:

Smule: Karaoke Singing App (4.3) / (3.5)

With a music bank of 10 million songs and counting, this free singing app allows you to record your own music video, starring yourself singing along to karaoke versions of your favourite R&B, rock, K-pop and Disney songs. You can sing solo, or as a duet or group with other users from around the world – including celebrities!

Sound and look like a pro as you add studio and visual effects and beat your singing scores in karaoke games, then share your successes with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Regular updates to app performance and song bank
  • Some features and full song bank reserved for paying VIP members

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/smule-karaoke-singing-app/id509993510

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smule.singandroid

Learn to Sing! (4.2) / (3.9)

Track your progress and watch your scores soar as you sing your way through over a thousand Learn to Sing! exercises. This, the first gamified vocal training app, will help you warm up your voice, check your vocal range, and help you keep in tune with ‘What You See Is What You Sing’™ pitch detection technology from Sing Sharp – which works in real time.

With easy-to-follow white notebars to guide you through your favourite songs, this is an app that makes people sing like the pros – and have a great time doing it.

  • Both a vocal training and vocal range test app
  • Limited number of songs for free users

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/learn-to-sing-singing-lessons/id772052329

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.harmonynetwork.singsharp

Voloco – Vocal Recording Studio (4.7) / (4.3)

Recreate the studio experience without microphones, recording software – or even a studio, for that matter! Choose from Voloco’s selection of free downloadable beats to sing or rap over, or import your own creations into the app to make use of the wide range of presets and effects this voice tuning app has to offer.

The adjustable pitch correction slide makes it easier than ever to find the perfect auto-tune balance – human to the left, robot to the right!

  • Ability to separate and edit vocals from existing songs
  • Recordings can be interrupted by phone calls

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/voloco-vocal-recording-studio/id1052970183

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jazarimusic.voloco

StarMaker-Sing Karaoke Songs (4.6) / (4.6)

50 million fans can’t be wrong – and you can join StarMaker’s ever-growing global singing community by live streaming your own concerts and attracting fans! Perfect your performance with pitch correction and array of vocal effects such as ‘Vinyl’ and ‘Party’, plus eye-catching filters to make your video visually stunning.

But that’s not all this app has to offer – it also features singing tools, such as a pitch and volume guide to help you improve your technique, and the rolling lyrics will help you with your sight reading skills.

  • Option to skip straight to the best part in ‘Hook’ mode
  • Many songs only available to free users as duets

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/starmaker-sing-karaoke-songs/id342138881

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.starmakerinteractive.starmaker

Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs (4.5) / (4.0)

Yokee Music adds new songs every day to keep its 100 million worldwide fans singing their hearts out! The Yokee folks auto-enhance your voice with reverb and echo (with other vocal effects available too!), so you’ll be ready to Sing, Record and Share your take in no time.

You can also cast the ‘Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs’ app to your TV – turn your living room into a Karaoke party!

  • Songs available in any language
  • Some users find auto-enhancements sound robotic

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/karaoke-sing-unlimited-songs/id547109049

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.famousbluemedia.yokee

Sing Harmonies (4.5) / (2.3)

Whether you’re a soprano, alto, tenor or bass, if you want to know how to get good at singing harmonies, then this is the app for you. With a bank of tracks specially arranged in four part harmony, Sing Harmonies will soon have you doing just that.

Although no free version is available, the unique way this app can help you break down and understand how harmonies are put together is invaluable.

  • Option to isolate and focus on different harmonies
  • Only 3 songs included in initial purchase – others available to buy

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/sing-harmonies/id378913608


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sing.harmonies


Sight Singing Pro (4.7) / (4.5)

For all you classical singers and music theorists out there, this app will help you get your sight reading chops up to scratch. Choose a test, press ‘start’ then try to sing the phrase – notes you hit will turn green, notes you miss will turn red.

Divided into 3 informative courses – Sight Singing, Ear Training: Diction and Ear Training: Singing – this app makes solfege as simple as do, re, mi!

  • Selectable time signatures and key signatures as well as difficulty
  • Requires some understanding of music theory to get the most out of the app

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/sight-singing-pro/id1110783578]

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deeryard.android.sightsinging

The Voice – Sing Karaoke (4.5) / (4.2)

The second entry from Yokee on our list, this is the official singing app from the smash hit TV talent show The Voice. Only this time – you’re the judges! Give and receive feedback as part of The Voice’s supportive online community.

This app also lets you apply a little studio trickery to your voice – add some extra sparkle to try to score more likes!

  • ‘V feed’ is generated by the preferences of its community of users
  • ‘All Access Pass’ or ‘The Voice Premium’ needed for full content and functionality

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/the-voice-sing-karaoke/id1385014271

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=thevoice.sing.karaoke

The Vocal Coach (4.4) / (4.6)

Brought to you by head vocal coach for X Factor UK and Britain’s Got Talent Annabel Williams, The Vocal Coach is a must-have for serious vocalists. Not only does this app offer you free singing lessons, but it also puts reminders in your calendar and offers you vocal health tips to whip your voice into the best possible shape.

Having coached such star pupils as Little Mix, Katy Perry and Amy Winehouse over her 20+ year career, you know you can trust Annabel’s advice!

  • Safe singing app for kids as well as adults
  • Doesn’t feature songs to sing along to

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/the-vocal-coach/id1515249256

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vocalcoach.app

SWIFTSCALES Vocal Trainer (3.1) / (4.3)

An innovative singing app experience that recreates the experience of sitting down at a piano with a vocal coach, SWITSCALES moves with you as swiftly or as slowly as you need it to. Choose from a huge range of scales, octaves and tempos until you’ve mastered them all!

You can even create and share custom scales, or type in a difficult part of a song you’re learning and slow it right down – the possibilities are endless.

  • Video tutorials readily available to help you get the most out of your app
  • No visual representation of your pitch accuracy or other kinds of feedback provided

Free with in-app purchases

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/swiftscales-vocal-trainer/id1079277628

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.swiftscales.music.vvt