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Our book section has expanded somewhat! As we were lightening up the pages and adding requested books we finally decided to create a section for the reading addicts! Teach yourself books/audio are available in the Instructional Books section and online courses are now listed in the Home Study Courses section and the Repertoire section has additional Fach, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Singlike pages, whilst all sections have updated with more sheet music titles some of which have accompaniment reheasal/backing CD, CDG or audio cassettes.

Most of the products supplied in this section are provided by affiliate companies. We have hunted through them and supplied links to the site offering the cheapest price at the time of writing, this may fluctuate or be combined with special offers which will be available directly from the affiliate company. The links/pictures below are an index to each page/section.

Music Marketing Books
Books and Audio Books on the art of working in the music business including insider info, tips and advice on
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Management Books
Books and Audio Books on the art of artist, personal and business management, including self management, management resources, contact bibles
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Online Singers Courses
Online training and courses for singers Singers home study courses and web based training programs have become very popular in
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Careers, Directories & Educational Reference Books
Educational books and great sources of reference and information for any singer or musicians bookshelf. Where possible we will also
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Diction Books for Singers
Books containing the rules, pronunciations and correct diction for a wide range of languages designed to aid singers. This is
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Broadway, Musicals & Theatre: Sheet Music & Backing Tracks
A small selection of Broadway and Theatre Musicals vocal repertoire book, sheet music collections and accompanying rehearsal backing tracks for
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Sheet Music, Backing Tracks & Repertoire for Vocalists
This section include a wide selection of vocal repertoire books and sheet music collections in a variety of genres for
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Film, Movie & TV Sheet Music & Backing Tracks
A small selection of Film, Movie & TV vocal repertoire books, sheet music collections for beginners to professional singers and
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Vocal Harmony Instruction Books
Vocal harmony instruction books and audio books for beginners to professional singers. There are harmonising exercises, instruction on how to
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Alto/Mezzo-Soprano Voice – Sheet Music & Backing Tracks
Mezzo Soprano is the term usually used to describe the FACH designation of the second highest range of the female
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Cabaret & Romance Repertoire
A small selection of Cabaret & Wedding vocal repertoire books and sheet music collections in a variety of styles for
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Vocal Warm Up Books for Singers
A selection of vocal warm up books, cd and dvd for solo singers, choirs, choral directors and singing teachers to
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Contralto Voices – Sheet Music & Audio Backing
Contralto is the term usually used to describe the FACH designation of the lowest female voice in classical and opera
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vocal instruction books
Vocal Instruction Books for Singers
Books for Singing TeachersCareers, Grades, Educational BooksBeginners/Intermediate InstructionIntermediate/Advanced Instruction BooksHarmony for SingersMemory & MnemonicsSight Singing & Ear Training BooksSolfege Books
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Ear, Pitch & Sight Singing Books
Sight singing, sight reading, aural training books, audio CD, MP3 for any singer or musicians reference library. The following vocal
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Audition Books & Repertoire
This page includes books with audition guides and advice plus sheet music books and songs contain arrangements for piano, vocal
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Backing Tracks for Singers: Types, Tips & Suppliers
Playback, Backing Track, Rehearsal Track or Practice Track are terms used to describe a musical recording with the vocal performance
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Vocalise Books & Audio Books
A selection of vocalise for singers are listed below for your convenience. Clicking on the link/s under the books description
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