Embellishments of Music

Embellishments of Music

Embellishments of Music by Louis Arthur Russell

A hand book for the
Professional Musician,
The Amateur and
The Student
A Study of the entire range of
Musical Ornaments from the time of
John Sebastian Bach

Embellishments of MusicPreface Excerpt:

Most of the discussions of Musical Ornaments are incorporated in vocal or instrumental schools, and the matter is treated so incidentally as to quite belittle a branch of art which is of  great importance, and which calls for particular consideration, rather than anything approaching indifferent or perfunctory explanation. Dictionaries of music, for the most part give very brief and often misleading explanations, which if true to rule, are so incomplete as to serve no definite purpose. ( I will except the most excellent and explicit articles by Franklin Tailor in Grove’s Dictionary of Music). Works dealing exclusively with the subject are very few, the work of most importance being the .studiously prepared and exhaustive treatise of Ernst David Wagner (“Musicalishe Ornamentik,” Berlin 1869), which, aside from the fact of its not being published in English translation, is quite too large and argumentative a work for general use as a manual for students and amateurs.

The online ebook at The Internet Archive has been made available to the public domain courtesy of Google. It is provided here for free download in epub and mobi format for digital devices.