English Diction for Singers and Speakers

English Diction for Singers and Speakers
by Louis Arthur Russell

author of

The Embellishments of Music, The Essential Practice Material for Singers,
The Commonplaces of Vocal Art, The Singer’s Body and Breath,
The Russell Voice Booklets.

Preface Excerpt:
While this book is put forth by the author especially for the guidance of singers, it is also intended to meet the needs of public
speakers, and, in fact, all who pretend to refined or artistic use of the English language. No one who listens to the average singer and public speaker can doubt the need of more careful culture in the art of enunciation; for the concert platform, the lyceum, and the pulpit are constantly giving evidence of a pitiful lack of appreciation of the orthoepic beauty and strength of our language.

This ebook has been digitized by Cornell University Library and placed into the public domain at the Internet Archive. It has been made available here in epub and mobi format for education, information and research.