English Diction in Song and Speech

English Diction
In Song and Speech

A Text Book for Singers and Speakers

by Clara Kathleen Rogers (Clara Doria)

Author of “The Philosophy of Singing” and “My Voice and I”

English Diction in Song and SpeechPreface excerpt:

In writing this brief treatise on “English Diction for Singers” I have aimed at making it as comprehensive and as simple as possible, for I hold that in a textbook for practical use no words should be wasted. I have purposely resisted the temptation to offer arguments to sustain my statements except where necessary to make clear unfamiliar laws. I have preferred to allow the laws to demonstrate their own excuse for being when tested by the student himself in following them. I am convinced that anyone can prove to himself the soundness of these laws provided he will take the trouble to follow the directions and practise the exercises.

This eBook was originally digitized by Google and has been hosted on the Internet Archive for public access. It has been made available here free for information and educational research in epub and mobi format for digital devices.