Grammar of Plainsong

A Grammar of Plainsong : in two parts
Gregorian chants — Instruction and study
by the Benedictines of Stanbrook Abbey

grammarofplainsongPreface excerpt:
The following pages, written at the request of His Lordship the Bishop of Birmingham, are intended as an introduction to a practical study of Plainsong; we have, therefore, avoided in them, as far as possible, all such intricate points as belong to the archaeology of the subject.

This book was originally produced in 1905 by Stanbrook Abbey, Worcester with chapters on plainchant history, Latin pronunciation, tonality, rhythm,  psalmody, hymnody, accompaniment and other aspects of the production of Gregorian Chant.

It was contributed by the University of Toronto and digitized with funding from MSN by the Internet Archive where you may view or download it in various formats. It has been provided here in epub and mobi format for education and research.