Hygiene of the Vocal Organs

The Hygiene of the Vocal Organs
A practical handbook for singers and speakers
By Sir Morell Mackenzie, M.D.

hygene-vocal-organsPreface excerpt:
THERE are already so many books on the voice that some wonder may not unreasonably be felt that I should have seen fit to add to the number. Byway of explanation I may be allowed to direct the readers attention to the exact nature and scope of my little work. I have no pretension to speak with authority as a musician or even as a physiologist, and in the following pages I do not profess either to teach singing or elocution, or to throw new light on the obscurer problems of voice-production.

This book first published in 1886 and reprinted several times, was written by Sir Morell Mackenzie, M.D. who was the Consulting Physician to the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat; Formerly Physician and Lecturer on Physiology, at the London Hospital; Physician to the Royal Society of Musicians.

The book contains a wide range of voice related anatomical information with illustrations and diagrams of the vocal organs, respiratory exercises and advice for singers.

It has been contributed by the University of Toronto with digitization sponsored by MSN for the Internet Archive where you may view or download it in various formats. It has been provided here in epub and mobi format for education and research.