Le Solfege


PROFESSEUR DE CHANT (Lycées et Écoles normales)


lesolfegePreface excerpt:
Ce recueil constitue la théorie nécessaire à l’étude de la Musique dans nos établissements d’instruction primaire. Les exercices gradués et variés en sont très simples et ne dépassent pas l’étendue de la voix des élèves; ils ont été étudiés dans le but de l’assouplir et de former leur oreille.

English Translation:
This collection is the necessary theory to the study of music in our primary education institutions. Graduates and varied exercises are very simple and do not exceed the extent of the student voice; they were studied in order to soften and train their ear. Note that the ebook is in French and does not have an English translation.

This book on music theory was written by Miss Pincherle who was a singing teacher at High Schools and Education in France.  It is aimed at music teachers and students as a reference and learning aid for local French schools and candidate exams with illustrations of notes, rests and other notations on music scores plus example question and answers for class use.

Contributed and sponsored by the University of Toronto to the Internet Archive where you may view or download it in various formats. It has been provided here in epub and mobi format for education and research.