If you have questions regarding some of the site features, most should be answered here and the FAQ will be updated when required. Please read through them before submitting Directory listings or using the contact form as we will only respond if the question has not been answered here.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Register and Add A Listing?
A: Creating an account and adding a listing is FREE of charge. At the checkout you’ll have the option to upgrade to a premium listing for £45.

Q: How Do I Register / Create An Account?
A: To register an account click the Register link located in the left hand menu column and complete the form provided then click the submit button. You will receive an automated email containing a link that must be clicked to confirm and activate the account. Once active you may login to submit a listing. Please use a valid email address and ensure that our domain vocalist.org.uk is in your email whitelist or the activation email and inquiries may end up in your spam/junk folder! Note that HOTMAIL addresses are not allowed to be used as often fail to deliver emails to their destination or bounce back to us. Any member who uses an address that fails or returns to us will be deleted.

Q: I Have Registered – How Do I Login To My Account?
A: Click the ‘Log In’ link in the left hand column then enter the username and password you chose on registration. You may also login using the main form that displays when you attempt to view the directory user dashboard or to download an eBook.

Q: Help! I Have Lost / Forgotten My Username or Password
A: If you are unable to remember your username, simply enter the email address into the username field and then enter your password. If you are unable to remember your password, use the Lost Password link displayed under the login box and enter your email address for the password to be sent to you.

Q: I have changed my email address and forgotten my login
A: Email us with your problem using the Contact Form in our listing. Please include the old email address used to register in your message so we can find your account and update the address to enable you to reset your password.

Q: I Cannot Login using my Login details!
A: Please ensure you have clicked the link in the Activation email sent to you on registration to activate your account. Also make sure you enter your username or email address and password exactly as during registration without any spaces before or after the text or the system will fail to recognize you.

Q: How Do I Log Out of the website?
A: Click the Log Out link in the left hand column or in the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the screen which appears when hovering your mouse over your username.

Q: How Do I Edit My Account or Change my login details?
A: Login to the site then click on your username displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen. Once in the user control panel, you may change your email address, update your password and bio if desired. Note that you cannot change your username.


Q: How Many Listings May I Submit to the Directory?
A: One Directory listing is allowed per company, so if you are submitting on behalf of a company that is based in more than one location, please enter either the Head Office address or the most relevant location in the address field and then type the other office locations in the description field. As franchisers differ, due to the nature of the business, each franchisee may add a listing but must do so by using the company name followed by the area in which they operate in the Title field. If you have more than one business, you may submit separate listings for them as long as each has a unique website address (Subdomains of the same website are not accepted). Musicians who offer multiple services i.e., solo, duo, band may also add listings for each of their services as long as there is a unique website for each – otherwise submit one main listing outlining all the services you provide in the description field.

Q: How Do I Submit A Listing To The Directory?
A: To include a listing on the directory, you must register for a free account. When your account has been activated you may login to submit a listing. To add a listing, go to the top left hand side of the user control panel and click on the little house/vocalist.org.uk news link > visit site.

In the next screen hover your mouse over the ‘Directory’ link and select USER DASHBOARD from the drop down menu, then click ‘SUBMIT A LISTING’ and complete the form which appears using the guidelines below.

Title: Enter a title for your listing – this MUST be a REAL NAME / STAGE NAME / BAND NAME / BUSINESS NAME or WEBSITE NAME (We DO NOT allow the use of WEBSITE LINKS, KEYWORDS, CHARACTERS in the title and will reject/delete listings that fail to follow this guideline.)

Category: Select a main category then a sub-category in which your listing will be displayed. Please be careful when selecting these as entries into top level Categories without selecting a relevant sub-category will be rejected.

Description: Enter a description about your business, website, service, band etc., Please do NOT use ALL CAPITALS or enter contact details and website links in this area.

Simple Tags: If this feature is available, you may enter keywords to help visitors to find your listing.

Phone: Enter a Telephone Number (optional)

Address: Enter your Business address (optional) – we do not recommend members include a personal addresses but including a county, town or village name may help visitors to find you.

Location: Use the drop down selection box to select the country in which you are based and if displayed, the region and county.

Zip Code: Enter a full or partial Postcode or Zip Code (optional)

Website: Enter your website URL (No Affiliate Links allowed)

Email: LEAVE THIS FIELD EMPTY to enable the secure contact form which visitors may use to contact you. Your email address will not be displayed and the contact form will automatically forward the inquiry to the email address you entered on registration. Your email address will remain hidden to the enquirer unless you respond to them directly. If you have a business address that you would like to display, enter it in the field provided – note that entering an email address here will disable the secure contact form and your email will be available to view by anyone, including spam bots.

Images: Upload up to 5 logo or images in JPG format ONLY. To display correctly, image size should be 250×250 logo and/or 468×60 banner. An image thumbnail will appear next to the listing in browse / search results and your images will also be displayed on your listing.

Terms and Conditions: You must agree to the site terms and conditions to save a draft or submit a listing.

Click ‘Submit’ to save and submit the listing. Your listing will be be placed in the queue for review by the administrator and appear as Pending in the system if accepted, the listing will automatically appear on the public directory.

Q: How Do I Edit My Listing/s?
A: Hover your mouse over the Directory link in the top menu then select User Dashboard then Manage Listings to edit/delete a listing or Add a New Listing. From the User Dashboard, you can also view your favourite listings list!