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My Name is Andrew Ezell Wash A.k.A.BigDru or Bu$ine$$ i$ Good-Dru well here’s my BackGround for this music scene I’ve been involved in the music scene since I was 7 years old starting at my Uncles Church in Black Creek, Mississippi, but I Performed 3 years as Choir-Singer for my Uncles Choir, then at the age of 10 I had developed the Rap-Craft which was in 1990, when my mother brought me my very first Too Short Album, I Developed my very own Genre (Rollin), performed over 1000+ shows. I AM a Prophet, a Musician, Poet, Writer, Entrepreneur,Tech Savvy, a Man of Multiply talents, I design, graphics, Album covers, websites, Barbering is a Trade of mine, I was Born in Richton, Mississippi and raised in Mclain, Mississippi. I would say estimatingly that I have sold close to 300,000 copies of my Artwork!