Beat Street Studio

About Beat Street Studio

At Beat Street Studio we have bridged the gap between the very large and to many people, often unaffordable recording studios and the smaller more affordable but lesser equipped recording studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Until now there have not been any residential recording studios in the city equipped to such a high specification as Beat Street Studio that are still affordably priced.

Quite simply we have brought to Leeds in West Yorkshire the ONLY Neve equipped recording studio on this side of the Pennines. To our knowledge Beat Street Studio is the ONLY residential recording studio in the whole of Yorkshire that can offer you a Neve recording and mixing facility at possibly the lowest rates in the UK for such a high specification.

Our fantastic sounding acoustically designed and air conditioned control room is a very creative environment to work in and will comfortably seat 7 people. We have a fab sounding live room and a dedicated vocal and isolation booth.