Civilised Car Hire

About Civilised Car Hire

We have a range of our own bespoke Production/Touring/Location and Multi purpose splitter vans. If you are about to embark on a UK or European music tour and need a band van, splitter van or music tour bus- speak to us first, we can even provide the driver!

We have extensive experience with vans for bands and Splitter Buses going back to 1996. Our team consist of professional tour managers, technicians and artist liaison personnel, leading the industry with our state of the art conversions our UK Band Vans / Splitter van hire are fitted to the highest possible specification.

There are 3 seats in the band van cab & 6 in the luxury air conditioned lounge of the splitter bus; with widescreen DVD systems, sound system with ipod docking, playstation 3, wifi, vented suroof, lighting, storage, leather chairs, deadlocked cargo bay