Fat Penguin Management

About Fat Penguin Management

Fat Penguin Management began life as Quarry Street Music Consultancy and Music Management back in 2015.

Like so many others before it the story of the original Fat Penguin came up over drinks in a pub. With Chris the founder of Fat Penguin retelling a story of a trip to South Africa with his wife, a walk to Boulders Beach and there were two penguins standing together. Of course Chris was the Fat Penguin on the left and now is the head of Fat Penguin Management.

Fat Penguin Management is already working with a number of notable artists and producers such as Wookalily, Lauren Ray, Matthew Cotterill and Speak, Brother.

We offer three different levels of services to artists, music businesses and music producers alike. Ranging from basic music consultancy and booking support all the way up to the full Fat Penguin treatment with full music management services.