Immersion Imagery

About Immersion Imagery

Music Videos / Video Clips offer a great way to gain exposure, increase your fan base and re-enforce your image.

Music Video Clips do not have to be expensive and are now becoming more practical for bands wishing to be seen on Television, YouTube or MySpace.

When choosing to have a Music Video made leave it in the hands of industry professionals.

Not only do you have an image to uphold but you need to compete with US and label pushed bands.

A partnership organization of film makers, working in conjunction with Kontrol Productions, Jaybez Media and Immersion Imagery with accumulated 60+ yeas experience in film and television.

We endeavour to offer a quality creative music video to suit your budget and needs.

What we can offer:

* HD broadcast shooting
* Concept & Story Board
* Pro Video Editing
* Including Special Effects
* Colour Grading
* Green Screen shooting
* Location Shooting