Rizo Balic

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About Rizo Balic

I am Songwriter. I write lyrics and compose music for both Female and Male Artists in all tempos and those music styles: Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance. I am of origin from Montenegro (part of former Yugoslavia).

While studying The Political Science at University in Belgrade (Serbia), as a hobby, I started writing poems in Serb-Croatian language (mother tongue) and wrote a few hundred poems.

In August 1988 due to a Political and Economical situation then in Former Yugoslavia, I decided to seek a new live in England. After learning English language I decided to learn how to read and write music and that is the reason how learned to compose the music.

I wrote my first song at begin of 2003 called: NOW IT’S TOO LATE. Then, I was a member of International Songwriters and Composers. I just wanted to find out how is my composing, so, I send to their own recording studio, “SCAMP” the lyrics sheet, manuscript and instruction how I would like them to record the song: NOW IT’S TOO LATE. I expected to receive back all details for my song with some advice what shall I do exactly. To my surprise about 2 months later, I received a recorded song on a CD with a positive feed back that I have a good potential there.

Then, I was approached by recording studio from Bristol (England) called: Diamond Studios, with a special offer to record 3 of my songs, so, I decided to try them and to see what is going too happened. The rest is history. All remaining songs (78 are recorded by Diamond Studios)

So far I have a collection of 81 professionally recorded songs (54 for Female artists and 27 for Male Artists) from 358 written songs.