About ShushStudio

SHUSHSTUDIO is the private facility of producer/composer Danny de Matos.

Specialising in music and voice production for corporate, commercials, independent artists, management and record companies. It is a professional boutique recording, mixing and mastering room that uses the latest and highest quality, cutting-edge equipment including many esoteric valve component front-end tools to warm the sometimes characterless digital domain.

The room has been professionally acoustically treated to ensure the truest mixes and has affordable rates including the award-winning experience of the producer in a creative, comfortable and homely environment near Windsor, UK, 20 mins by car and 15 mins by train from West London.

Danny de Matos is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning composer, producer and musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist and a specialist in the alternative field of music including all genres of alt rock, folk, hiphop, dance. He is also a voiceover expert.