The Grooves Band

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About The Grooves Band

We are the premier of San Antonio bands for corporate parties, dance parties, weddings and fund raisers. We not only perform in San Antonio, Texas but all across Texas including Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth.

Most San Antonio bands lend themselves to the heavy side and metal bands are a dime a dozen in the San Antonio area but we specialize in all styles to please all audiences.

All the musicians in this band started off in different San Antonio bands, most of them being metal which was popular in the 80s and then shifted from band to band until we all come together in our current band.

After performing in San Antonio for a few high brow fund raisers with a few other San Antonio bands on the bill that perform tributes of one kind or another we decided to go the tribute route and put together a disco tribute in addition to our original music to make extra money. Most of the original music clubs in San Antonio paid much less than fund raisers.