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singing careers

Life as a singer can lead to many different music careers and will often require you to pick up additional skills along the way. From theatre singers, session singers and wedding singers to producers, arrangers and original recording artists, there are many paths to take.

Here we take a look at the possible careers in music available and what skills you’ll need to learn along the way.

artist promotion
How to Promote Your Music Online
Are you sitting on a potential smash hit, but aren’t sure how to get it heard? You’re not alone –
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solo artist
Solo Artists
The solo singer or artist has a lot in common with the Lead Vocalist. Both are required to be proficient at
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dep singer
Deputising Singers
What is a Dep? Dep, Deputize or Deputise are the terms used to describe the act of ‘filling in’ or
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singing careers
Singing Careers
There are many ways in which a singer can earn a living although the wages vary considerably depending on style,
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lead singer
Role of the Lead Vocalist
Lead Vocalist, Frontman (person) or Lead Singer are the terms used to describe a vocalist who sings the songs melody
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Music arranger
The Role of the Arranger
The ‘Arranger’ adapts a piece of music into an order that enhances the subject and pleases the listener. That includes backing
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music producer
The Role of a Music Producer
The Music Producer’s job is to help you get the recording that you want to make. In most cases the
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backing singers, harmony singers
Backing & Harmony Singers
Backing Singers provide harmonies and vocals that complement the melody line performed by a Lead Singer. Used in many forms of
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Session singer
Session Singers
A session singer is a highly skilled professional vocalist, often with their own solo career, who is hired for a
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Trbiute band
Tribute Artists
The terms ‘Tribute Act’, ‘Impersonator’, ‘Soundalike’ and ‘Lookalike’ are used to describe a singer or band whose show is dedicated
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Buskers & Busking
Buskers and Busking has received a lot of attention in the media since the licencing trial on the London Underground
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audition tips
Audition Advice for Singers
Auditions can be a daunting prospect, even for the seasoned professional singer. Choosing what to sing and wear are always
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microphone pa system
How to Set Up a PA / Sound System
Basic instructions on setting up the type of personal address system normally used by solo artists, duo’s, bands, musicians for
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