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The music industry is an ever-changing landscape but the fundamental principles remain the same. If you’re looking to build a successful career in the music industry you’ll need to know the basics, from publishing to digital distribution, band agreements and more.

how to become a singer
How to Become a Singer in 2022
It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of false starts and a lot of rejection handling to start
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Music business contracts and agreements
The following advice is provided as a general guide to contracts and agreements. Always seek legal advice from a trade
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publishing contract
Example Publishing Contract
The following are an example of the general Terms included in a standard Publishing Contract, always seek the advice of
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music directory
Artist Management Advice and Information
Ok, so your act is ready and you’ve gained enough experience on local circuits to move onto the next step.
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Music Lawyers
Music Lawyers & Solicitors
Legal services for entertainers UK music solicitors, lawyers listings, centres and legal advice resources, plus international law centers and associations
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band rehearsal
Perfecting Your Act
Singing at home in front of a mirror is a great way to gauge how you look and sound, but
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music publishing explained
Music Publishing Explained
Music Publishers are constantly seeking new songwriters and composers who write quality music to add to their books.  Part of
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open mic nights
Open Mic Night – Everything You Need to Know
If you’re a first time performer ready to take the next step, a seasoned musician who’s no stranger to the
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music publishing
Music Publishing Companies
The following Publishers are a combination of mainly UK and USA publishing and publishers, we would welcome information and links
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recording and production
Legally Recording and Distributing Cover Songs
Three Ways to Obtain Mechanical Licenses for Legally Recording & Distributing Cover Versions For many musicians’, a considerable amount of
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artist promotion
How to Promote Your Music Online
Are you sitting on a potential smash hit, but aren’t sure how to get it heard? You’re not alone –
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singers for hire
How to Get a Record Deal
Since the age of popular music began, getting signed by a record label has the ultimate goal of any musician
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sample recording contract
Example Recording Contract
The following terms of a recording contract are very basic and provided for guidance only.  A formal agreement drafted and
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band agreements
Band Agreements
Sample terms & music contracts for bands Regardless of how long you’ve been friends for or how well you get
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artist management contracts
Sample Artist Management Agreement
The following management agreement is a simplified letter from you the artist to the person who wants to manage you,
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gigging / touring advice
Gigging Advice
Love it or hate it Gigging & Touring are essential if you want to tighten up your act, build a
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band name registration
Band Name Registration
Music Law & Contracts – Protecting your identity Choosing a name for performance purposes can be a minefield. It is
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forming a band
Forming A Band: Advice on Finding Musicians
Bands come in many sizes, the smallest of which is called a ‘Trio’ as it is made up from 3
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