Music Quiz Questions and Trivia

Singers trivia plus singing and music quizzes are the latest thing that we have been requested for. We have trawled the internet to provide you with a selection of sites that have singing and music related quizzes and trivia to suit all tastes and ages. Take a browse through the list below & have fun!!

Name That Tune!
Test your knowledge of songs with our online music quiz (kindly supplied by Karaoke Boogie). Listen to the music and choose from 3 possible answers to Name the Tune!

Are You A One Hit Wonder?
With the following handy quiz, you can tell instantly whether you should be investing your royalties in a Camero or a Certificate of Deposit.

Becky’s Island Music Trivia
new 18 question music quizzes posted every week on any aspect of music and bands – also includes previous quizzes and links to the answers so you can see how close (or not) you were!

The Christmas Music Quiz
test how much you know about some of the most popular Christmas Carols.

have tons of music trivia quizzes ranging in difficulty from Lead Singers and Name the Singer, Celebrities, Bands, Lyrics and Music

GuruHits & Love Song Music Quiz
listen to the 5 second audio clips and choose the name of the song or artist to win prizes.

Pure Eighties Pop
has several music related quizzes including Lead Singers of the 80’s, Lyric Quizzes, Real Names Quizzes, One Hit Wonder Quiz and Guess the Year.

SciFi Music Quiz
Flash site – test your knowledge of great TV and Movie music with this fun audio quiz – needs Wav or RealPlayer to play

Singers Quiz
is a java applet fun test to see how much you know about singers (pop/rock/rap/modern).

So you think you know 70’s Music?
test your knowledge of 70’s music and musicians with this quiz.

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary
contains A-Z list of musical terms complete with AIFF files associated with them (Quick Time required). The musical examples are from the 4 CD Norton Musical Example Bank which requires the correct CD to be in your CD-Rom Drive or CDLink software. There are also several quizzes & simulations that require Shockwave to use.