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The Marchesi Vocal Method

The Marchesi Vocal Method
Mathilde Marchesi


marchesi-music-1897Preface excerpt:
THE Theoretical and Practical Vocal Method that I now publish is an educational work which commences with the vocal alphabet, that is to say, with elementary exercises, and contains also a series of Elementary and Progressive Vocalises for the formation of the mechanism of the voice.

This book has been contributed by the Harold B. Lee Library with digitizing sponsorship by Brigham Young University for the Internet Archive where it may be viewed and downloaded in various formats.  It has been provided here in epub and mobi format for education and research.

How To Speak

How To Speak

Exercises in Voice Culture and Articulation
with Illustrative Poems
by Adelaide Patterson

how-to-speakPreface Excerpt:
The term Voice Culture is generally construed to mean a special line of training for a favored few who are gifted with the power to sing. Many people do not realize that the same training that improves singing would be beneficial to all voices. The fact that one speaks infinitely more often than he sings ought to prove the need of extending vocal training beyond the narrow bounds within which it is usually limited.

This book was produced in 1922 by Adelaide Patterson, who was the Professor of Public Speaking at the Rhode Island College of Education. It was contributed by the University of California Library and digitized with funding from the Microsoft Corporation by the Internet Archive where you may view or download it in various formats. It has been provided here in epub and mobi format for education and research.

L’Art Du Chant

L’Art Du Chant méthode pratique en quatre parties,
composées par Mathilde de Castrone Marchesi. Op. 21.

lart-du-chant-marchesiThis eBook contains a collection of graded elementary exercises, 30 vocalises for mezzo-soprano, 12 vocalises for two voices and 6 melodies for mezzo-soprano with scores for voice and piano by Mathilde Marchesi who was a German mezzo-soprano, a renowned teacher of singing, and a proponent of the bel canto vocal method. The score has been digitized and placed into the public domain by the Internet Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) and the Internet Archive where you may also download it in pdf format under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License It has been provided here in epub and mobi format for digital devices for education and research.