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Harmony its Theory and Practice

Harmony It’s Theory and Practice
by Ebenezer Prout


harmonyitstheorypracticePreface excerpt:
Most intelligent students of harmony have at times been perplexed by their inability to reconcile passages they have found in the works of the great masters with the rules given in the textbooks. If they ask the help of their teacher in their difficulty, they are probably told, “Bach is wrong,” or “Beethoven is wrong,” or, at best, “This is a licence.” No doubt examples of very free part-writing may be found in the works of Bach and Beethoven, or even of Haydn and Mozart ; several such are noted and explained in the present work.

This book has been contributed by Cornell University with digitization sponsored by MSN for the Internet Archive where it may be viewed or downloaded in various formats. It has been provided here in epub format for education and research bundled along with it’s associated publications Additional Exercises to Harmony it’s theory and Practice and Key to the Additional Exercises to Harmony it’s Theory and Practice.

You may also be interested in reading  Modern Harmony in it’s Theory and Practice and A Key to the 501 Exercises in Modern  Harmony in it’s Theory and Practice by Arthur Foote and Walter Raymond Spalding also available free at the Internet Archive.

Art of Singing

The Art of Singing by Mathilde Marchesi

Elementary and Graduated Exercises and 30 Vocalise for Mezzo-Soprano

The Art of Singing by Mathilde MarchesiPreface Excerpt:

The present Second Edition of my “Art of Singing,” which I have revised and enlarged in accordance with the experience of the last twelve years of my teaching, comprises the theoreticopractical part of my system. It includes Exercises and elementary and progressive Vocalises for the development of the mechanism of the voice ; a series of two-part Vocalises, for practice in singing a second part; and lastly, Melodies with words, to combine articulation with vocalisation.

This book is written in French and English by Mathilde Marchesi (March 24, 1821 – November 17, 1913)  who was a German mezzo-soprano, a proponent of the Bel Canto vocal method and a renowned teacher of singing.  It includes 30 graduated vocalises for mezzo-soprano as well as instructions on her vocal methods and was published by Schirmer.

The online ebook at The Internet Archive has been made available to the public domain courtesy of Brigham Young University. It is provided here for free download in epub and mobi format for digital devices.

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Art of Singing

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