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Free legal advisory services, online legal resources, sites providing information for the public and legal profession on a wide range of subjects

Clickdocs is one of the UKs leading suppliers of legal document templates for businesses and consumers. We offer a wide range of Standard Terms and...

 Legal Advice /  Midlothian

A niche law firm with many years' experience of all aspects of the music industry, advising artists, bands, managers and employers of talent on recording,...

 Legal Advice /  England

Manns Solutions is a boutique law firm that specialises in visa and immigration services in the UK.  We are a trusted law firm certified and...

 Legal Advice /  London

We offer a unique legal service supporting and fighting for the rights for employees: ·         Free employment law advice ·         Trade union representatives ·         Tribunal...

 Legal Advice /  Nottinghamshire

ProveMyCopyright was set up in Sweden as a way for musicians, photographers and software programmers to independently register the copyright on their works without access...

 Legal Advice /  Utah

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