Online Singing Courses

Singers home study courses and web based training programs have become very popular in recent years and although we believe they cannot replace face to face tuition, some programs are excellent when used in conjunction with a teacher. To help sift out the good from the bad, we have started to collate courses that have been created by qualified teachers whose credentials can be checked with the awarding body or who are members of a recognised organisation (like NATS or ATOS). Also browse the Instruction and Educational books and audio books for singers.

Brett Manning

Brett Manning is one of the world’s most sought after vocal coaches, and has become widely recognized for his ability to “see with his ears” exactly what is happening inside a singer’s throat. He teaches voice to some of the world’s best singers in his Nashville studio, as well as at seminars and workshops in over three dozen cities nationwide. The Singing Success vocal training program contains over 12 hours of instruction, exercises and advice.

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Jaime Vendera

Jaime Vendera has been featured on many television programs as the first artist to have been recorded shattering a glass with his voice and has become a much sought after vocal coach with a series of books and media lessons. His latest production is a comprehensive vocal home study course for singers. This system contains five books, two performance edge mind programming MP3s, two audio warmups, over six hours of instructional video (including accompanying audio exercises) and three hours of instructional audio to skyrocket your vocal potential to a whole new level plus access to the Raise Your Voice member’s only section.

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Yvonne DeBandi

Yvonne DeBandi, FSU School of Music Graduate (Bachelor of Music Education, magna cum laude) and proud member of NATs created the unique methods found in the Sing Smart Not Hard voice training and exercise programs for singers including Singing Is Easy! Basic Foundation Series Home Study Course, You Can Sing with Impact! The Daily Warm-up Workout, The Singers Survival Kit and the Fast and Funky 8 Minute Vocal Warm Up Workout

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Chrys Page

Chrys Page is the founder and Director of Sing Your Life Enterprises. A singer, entertainer and vocal coach for 30+ years, Chrys has performed in venues from New York to LA, from Toronto to Mexico City and boasts of having taught over 500 students. Her downloadable e-book, A Voice For A Lifetime is packed with information for singers.

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Audrey Hunt

Audrey Hunt holds an M.A. in music and has been providing vocal instruction for 35 years. Audrey has recorded seven singing lessons that you can study in the privacy of your own home. The “Anyone Can Sing” series is available on Audio CD, Online Download or CD-Rom. Subjects include Breath Control, Ear Training, Develop Vibrato, Starting a Singing Career, Total Vocal Warm-up, Practice Guide and Singing Tips.

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Carole Lynne

Carole Lynne’s formal musical education includes study at The Juilliard School of Music, University of Michigan Music School, The American Theater Wing, Marlboro Music Festival and with many private teachers in New York City. Carole’s home study course Singing For The Soul consists of individual modules which include Breathing, Managing Stage Fright, Singing In Tune and Avoiding Vocal Strain.

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Jeannie Deva

Jeannie Deva, is a versatile vocalist, master voice teacher, recording session vocal producer, columnist and seminar leader. With a vocal range of four octaves, she combines styles from R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical-Pop and Celtic. After years spent researching the anatomy of the voice and vocal sound production, Ms Deva developed The Deva Method, A Non-Classical Approach for Singers.

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Lis Lewis

Lis Lewis, is a voice teacher and performance coach in Los Angeles, CA. She has been training recording artists for over 30 years. Her web site, The Singers Workshop, provides information, news and products of interest to pop singers. Lis is the author of the books The Singers First Aid Kit and The Pop Singers Warm-Up Kit

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Marcia McCarry

Marcia McCarry spent five years in public schools, junior high level. Over thirty years private teaching experience. Nineteen years as a Suzuki Piano Teacher. Publications include Singing Made Easy Series, Acting Skills for Singers, Friendly Music Staff and Love of Singing E-book with Vocal Warm-ups.

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Jon Sinclair

Jon Sinclair, is an active recording artist and live performer, with over 5 albums released worldwide. Jon has worked with band members and producers for such acts as: Pat Benatar, Melissa Ethridge, Deep Purple, Kiss & Howard Jones.

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Sally Garozzo

Sally Garozzo, after studying Popular Music Performance at London’s Vocaltech with a distinction and the title PERFORMER OF THE YEAR, Sally worked in a band before performing at The Dorchester in Mayfair with Christian Slater. Since becoming a teacher she has trained singers from beginner to professional helping them to understand their voices better and engaging with their heart and souls.

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Mark Baxter

Mark Baxter, has completed hundreds and hundreds of voice lessons, exploring various methods, and attended countless seminars including: Vocal Pedagogy by the Functional Voice Foundation of West Germany, Neuromuscular message, nutrition, The Alexander Technique, acupressure, reflexology plus various psychological and visualization techniques. Even though he is considered a leading authority in his field, he continues to research with a passion.

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Melissa Cross

Melissa Cross, talks a lot about emotion and letting things happen naturally – about avoiding contrivance at all cost. So it should come as no surprise that what brought NYC’s most forward – thinking voice teacher to her profession was not a conscious decision, but the same path that led to the development of her innovative technique: personal experience.

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Roger Love

Roger Love, has often been called the Voice Coach to the Stars. For over twenty years he has helped to build some of the most successful talents in the entertainment world. His work with recording artists in the studio has resulted in over 100 million album sales worldwide.

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Susan Anders

Susan Anders. Nashville singer, songwriter and vocal coach has coached thousands of professional and budding singers in all contemporary vocal styles. Her technique is an effective, comprehensive method designed for the non-classical singer, tailored to work with your style of music.

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Nicole Legault

Nicole Legault is President of “A Sharp” School of Music and the creator of the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Course. Born into a house that was always full of music. Formal musical training began for Nicole at the age of five, and by eleven, she knew what she wanted to be – a professional musician.

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