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Sight singing, sight reading, aural training books, audio CD, MP3 for any singer or musicians reference library. The following vocal instruction books and audio books for beginners to professional singers. There are exercises, instruction, theory and essential reference books for all styles. Click Here for free online ear-training and pitching exercises, read about solfege or click here for sight reading tips.

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Improve Your Sight Singing

Does your sight-singing ever let you down? Have you ever wished for a quick, painless way to improve? Whether you are a choral singer or soloist, working alone or with a teacher, Improve Your Sight-Singing! is the answer. This brilliant new method takes you smoothly through a wealth of structured material designed to help you improve your sight singing including: 10 carefully formulated stages, over 100 rhythmic and melodic exercises, many pieces with hints and tips for preparation, 20 unprepared pieces by well-known composers, optional Piano accompaniments for the majority of pieces, questions and reminders to help you build a complete picture of each new piece, leading you towards sight-singing with real confidence.

Elementary Level High/Medium Voice
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Elementary Level Low/Medium Voice (Treble)
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Intermediate Level High/Medium Voice
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Intermediate Level Low/Medium Voice (Treble)
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Intermediate Low/Medium Voice (Bass)
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Sound At Sight Singing Book
Singing or playing music that has not been seen before is a necessary part of any musician’s life and the exploration of a new piece should be an enjoyable and stimulating process. This book offers far more than just specimen tests. Exercises and practical guidance introduce new skills leading to their incorporation in pieces of music and the pieces themselves are approachable and attractive as well as carefully graded (Initial-Grade 2).
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The AB Guide to Music Theory Vol 1 & Vol 2
By Eric Taylor
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Suitable for the complete beginner, easy to read and split into convenient sections packed with diagrams and pictures which illustrate the text and graduate in difficulty so that you can learn at your own pace or pick a chapter to brush up your knowledge.
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5 Wheels to Successful Sight-Singing
John Bertalot
Reviewer: (Zing Koh) from Houston, Texas
Few guide books on choir training present the information and the essential tools in such a concise, engaging, and practical manner as the “Five Wheels…” John Bertalot communicates techniques and methods in vivid, unforgettable terms
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333 Elementary Exercises in Sight Singing
By Zoltan Kodaly. For The Kodaly Choral Concept. Published by Boosey and Hawkes.
The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and sight-singing exercises designed to promote a thorough understanding of interval and tonality. By incorporative a wide range of Hungarian folk music and poetry, Kodaly has produced a stimulating addition to the repertoire of school and amateur choirs. This collection of 333 elementary exercises in sight-singing was edited with annotations by Dr. Percy Young.
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ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests
Aural tests are an integral part of all ABRSM Practical graded music exams. The Specimen Aural Tests provide teachers and students with many practice examples of the tests to use as part of a music lesson or when preparing for an exam. This volume includes practice examples for each test in a range of musical styles. the examiner rubrics (the exact words that will be used by the examiner to deliver the tests), so that candidates can be fully prepared for what will happen on the day descriptions of the tests as they appear in the syllabus model answers, where appropriate, as a guide to the sort of responses that would be successful in the exam.
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Aural Training In Practice (Book/2 CD)
This series of books by Ronald Smith, provides clear, structured guidance for candidates preparing for the aural tests in the Associated Board’s practical examinations.
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David Turnbull: Aural Time!
The seventy accompanied melodies in this book provide useful starting material for pupils who find sight singing difficult at first.
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Folk Song Sight Singing Series Books
By Crowe, Lawton Et Al. Published by Oxford University Press.
A series of little books of short carefully graded folk tunes beginning with the simplest passages and progressing to more difficult leaps, rhythms, chromatics, and modulations. The later books introduce two-part sight singing.
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Giuseppe Concone: The School Of Sight-Singing
A practical method for young beginners. Arranged and edited by B. Lutgen.
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Learn to Read Music
by Howard Shanet

A study of the fundamentals of reading musical notation that will teach the reader to read music in 4 hours.   Organised in small chapters with step by step instruction and exercises, this guide is useful to learn the rudiments of music, rhythm, pitch, notation and crammed with essential information.
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Patterns of Sound (Vol.I) (A Practical Sight-Singing Course)
By Joyce Eilers and Emily Crocker.
Methodology Chorals. Don’t read notes, read patterns of sound! This unique sight reading course for treble voices in elementary and early middle school does just that! PATTERNS OF SOUND uses excellent voice leading, careful sequencing and musically interesting exercises that can be combined to strengthen part singing, pitch relationships and to develop rhythmic independence. Volume 1 starts from square one, assuming no previous training, with exercises that are so carefully sequenced that the students are quickly singing four-measure phrases and eight measure songs in two parts and finding it easy! Students are introduced to notes, rests, meter, pitch and unison/2-part songs in Vol. 1, and continue in Vol. 2 with dotted rhythms & syncopation, keys & key changes and more 2-part songs. Use it every day and watch your students’ confidence level grow!
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Phillips: Sight-Sing Any Melody Instantly For Voice
by Mark Phillips
Wouldn’t you like to look at any melody and instantly know how it sounds? If so, then this book is for you. This book teaches you a sight-singing technique or trick that truly works, how to memorise the sound of each scale degree. Once you’ve memorised these sounds, you’ll be able to sight-sing any melody instantly. This book is suitable for anyone who wants to be able to look at written music and hear the sound of the notes in their head.
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Sight-Singing for SSA (Resource)
By Joyce Eilers, Emily Crocker. (SSA). Methodology Chorals. Size 6.7×10.5 inches. 88 pages. Published by Hal Leonard.
An excellent introduction to sight singing for SSA chorus. From the creators of “Patterns of Sound†and “The Choral Approach to Sight Singing,†comes this practical, easy-to-use sight-singing method for SSA choirs in junior high and high school! It includes 3-part exercises and songs (accompanied and a cappella) that begin from square one, assuming no previous training, and presents musical elements in a logical sequence that will yield quick results. Recommended for Grades 6-12.
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The Complete Method For Singers
by Mike Campbell. This book from the Musician’s Institute Essential Concepts series is designed for the singer who has no background in reading music. Each chapter in this book begins with exercises in rhythm, then in sightsinging and/or ear training. Author, Mike Campbell, has constructed an essential complete method providing one of the most important keys to sightsinging, simply reading through lots of material. Inside there are over 300 examples and exercises covering major and minor modes, the blues, arpeggios, chromaticism, rhythm and counting, and using professional lead sheets.
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Sight Singing Made Simple
Vocal Sheet Music And CD
This easy-to-use audio course for self study is a step-by-step introduction to music reading skills. This resource will be an effective tool for building confidence and skill. Ideal for individuals or groups. This course assumes no prior knowledge of written music, working from beginner to intermediate level.
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Singing In Tune by Nancy Telfer
Strategies and solutions for conductors, conductors-in-training, and voice teachers. This book from Nancy Telfer will give you and your choir a firm and extensive grounding in real-life choral experiences and lots of fun in learning. A useful text that can be useful with beginners or experienced sight-singers who need a review.
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Sound Thinking – Sight Singing Vol 1 & 2.
Composed by Philip Tacka and Miche. For The Kodaly Choral Concept. Music for Sight-Singing and Ear Training. All of the musical examples in Sound Thinking: Music for Sight-Singing and Ear Training are drawn from folk songs and art music encompassing a wide range of historical eras. The examples can be used for developing a variety of skills including sight-reading, dictation, musical memory, rhythmic reading, formal analysis, part singing, and improvisation.
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Successful Sight Singing Book 1 & 2
by Nancy Telfer. This well organized method can be used with church or school groups, private students or voice classes. Book 1 is written for grade four while Book 2 reviews skills, progressing into more difficult sight-singing for advanced high school to University level. This creative step by step approach gives singers the skills needed to sight-sing by themselves, away from a piano or other singers. Book 1 is designed for unison or two-part singing, while Book 2 contains two-part or three-part. This method introduces rhythms and intervals sequentially, and systematically incorporates elements of music such as key signatures and changing time signatures with regular reviews.
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Super Sight-reading Secrets
by Howard Richman
This Book Will Help You To:- Increase your rate of visual perception. Play any note on the keyboard without looking at your hands, even jumping large distances. Look ahead. Keep from losing your place. Fake. Play contemporary classical music. Transpose notes (or chords) at sight.
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Teach Yourself to Read Music:
A Guide for Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz Singers
Jeffrey Deutsch
A guide for pop, rock, blues and jazz singers to help singers sight sing. This book presents a system for learning the grammar of music, the rules by which it is understood. It starts slowly with the basics of sightsinging and adds more complicated elements one by one. Each chapter includes an original song that is similar to music that the professional singer will be asked to sight sing. The accompanying CD will help you to monitor your efforts. Includes examples, exercises, songs, answers and an assignment for each chapter. Unlike most other sight singing books, it is specially geared to the singer of pop music. Once you learn the system, you can sight sing in any given key. .
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The Choral Approach to Sight-Singing (Vol. I & II)
By Emily Crocker and Joyce Eilers. (Teacher Ed). Methodology Chorals. Size 9×12 inches. 72 pages. Published by Hal Leonard. Here is an exciting easy-to-use sight-singing method for middle school/jr. high choirs that starts from square one, assuming no previous training. It is presented in a logical, sequenced order, with harmonically combinable exercises to develop rhythmic and melodic independence. The collection offers a variety of a cappella and accompanied songs for 3-Part Mixed voices in two sequenced volumes. Volumes I and II are available in Teacher’s Edition and Singer’s Edition, and contain complete vocal and piano parts. The Teacher’s Edition additionally includes complete instruction for use of the method! For Gr. 6-9.
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Vocal Connections, Music Reading Exercises
By Ruth Whitlock/ Lois Land. For Voice. Published by Southern Music Company. (C102)
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