Pros & Cons of TV Talent Shows

TV Talent Shows Pros and Cons

The X Factor Phenomena

Over the years the BBC, ITV and practically every other television company, radio station, talk show host and program controller, has recognised that talent shows and reality shows attract viewers and make money. The public want to see and hear something different… original… unusual… in fact the more outrageous, terrible or funny the performance, the better the ratings.

The Gong Show, Search for a Star, Stuarts Hall of Fame, Steps to the Stars, Opportunity Knocks, New Faces and more recently Pop Idol, Pop Rivals, Fame Academy, X Factor, Britains Got Talent and P. Diddy’s Starmaker have attracted all standards and styles of budding wannabe’s searching for the ever elusive break into the music industry. But what can you expect and are they really any good for your career?

Pro’s of TV Talent Shows

1. Experience – The chance to visit a television studio and experience first hand how programs are recorded.

2. Exposure – The opportunity to perform in front of a live tv audience, industry and celebrity judges and be seen by millions of people.

3. Contracts – Winners are not the only ones to be offered recording, publishing or management contracts! Pop Idol’s Rosie Ribbons, Fame Academy’s Sinead Quinn and fellow wannabe’s Malachi and Ainslie have all signed record contracts.

4. Media – The latest television talent shows contestants like Pop Idol, Fame Academy, American Idol and X Factor received tons of free publicity from newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Sadly this is a two edged sword – negative as well as positive stories should be expected.

5. Prizes – Range from the opportunity to perform live on the show to recording and management contracts.

6. Make Friends – meet like minded talented folk with similar aspirations

Con’s of TV Talent Shows

1. Queues – Television auditions are popular and you can expect to wait several hours or even all day before getting through the doors, let alone being seen!

2. Contestants – May be eliminated on looks whilst waiting in line – all that time waiting and no opportunity to audition!

3. Audition – Contestants are usually screened by the shows producer, a representative from the management company or other personel and may NOT be called back for an audition with the celebrity judges (who you may not see at all until the night of the show).

4. Cameras – The advent of ‘Reality TV’ means that the contestant must be prepared to be filmed during the whole process.

5. Performance – Be prepared for critisism! Celebrity judges like New Faces Tony Hatch, Pop Idol’s Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman held no punches when it came to their opinion of the artists performance.

6. Contracts – Contestants must sign a contract with the show which may tie them into a label or management company that has little or no interest in promoting them and may include terms which are detrimental to the performer i.e., minimum royalties, low or non existent performance fees and deductions from earnings even when no longer with the company.


Each program audition varies depending on the shows requirements and programming schedule. Auditions are often held in a small room where you may be required to sing one song only – without accompaniment in front of one or more people. You may be interviewed and/or filmed seperately and required to complete a contract providing permission for any and all clips to be used without payment or re-use royalties, plus agree not to discuss any aspect of the program without permission in the event your audition is successful.

Once your in the doors, the program staff are usually friendly and helpful. Unless stated in the application form, refreshments and overnight accommodation are only provided to successful finalists. Those who are selected to appear on the show are treated pretty well and extras can range from transportation to the show, refreshments on the night or overnight accommodation to a complete package of specialised training and full accommodation for the length of the program (or until your voted out!)

Winners may expect to win the advertised prize, however, these may not be as great as they seem! An offer of a recording contract does NOT indicate that the label or management company will pay for or promote you as an artist. Any advance is just that … an advance against future earnings. These funds may have to pay for studio and recording time, training or equipment and may be claimed back by the company if the artist fails to generate enough sales to cover the advance (YES REALLY!!!!!)

Save yourself a lot of stress by entering for the experience, it’s pointless assuming that you will get through even, if you have got a great voice/act. Of course you should do your best and aim to win, but no-one can anticipate what the programmers, judges or viewing public really want – if that isn’t you – be philasophical about it – after all, its only a competition – there will probably be another show in yet another format next year!


Television CAN be a great medium for singers and entertainers, however, with the exception of specifically designed amateur shows or appearances, they should be avoided by beginners to the biz and the faint-hearted! The competition is TOUGH, criticism BLUNT and as with any audition process or talent show – there are no guarantees that you will get through to the next round.

Be PREPARED! Make NO mistake – it is VERY rare for the finalists and eventual winner to be a complete amateur!!! Most finalists have had some form of training and/or experience in performing in front of a live audience (not just their friends and family!!) – in some cases the contestant/s have spent a lot of money and years training with professional teachers or have a family connection to the music business! The best advantage you can have at a talent show or competition is to be WELL REHEARSED and CONFIDENT that you can do your best on the day.

Although the majority of contestants fade swiftly back into obscurity, a small percentage have been successful like Victoria Wood, Lenny Henry, ShowWaddyWaddy, Lena Zaveroni, Freddie Star, Leona Lewis…….. some of whom had been doing the club, cabaret and/or talent show circuit for a while before appearing on a TV Talent Show. If you are a talented unsigned artist who is thick skinned, knows the score and are prepared to give it your best shot then this is a good opportunity to be seen and discovered.

How To Find Shows?

Most UK television companies broadcast details of forthcoming shows and competitions between programs or during commercial breaks. You can also find advertisments at their official websites or event listings like our Vocalist Gig Guide and the Gig Events Guide plus in the music magazines or national press. (See Related Links below).

Top Tips!!

Be Prepared!! Use your best songs and make sure you are well rehearsed before the audition date. Turn up early, drink plenty of water during the day and warm up your voice before you audition.

Be careful to read contracts and agreements closely before signing. Successful applicants may be required to commit themselves to the managment or recording company running the show for a minimum period, including the length of the show. You will not be able to accept any offers or sign to another label/manager until released from this contract.

If you get through the auditions, find out the broadcast date of the show on which you are to appear. Take out an advert in ‘The Stage’ or other music paper and inform A&R, Managers or Agents prior to your appearance date. This will help to maximise your booking potential and ensure that the people you are trying to attract can view the program if they wish.

Article by Tracey Howard-Baker

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Singing talent show on Granada TV in 2000 hosted by Ian Wright who each week introduced the five acts that were chosen from the many thousands who called a premium rate phone number to audition to go on the show. From the phone auditions, 60 were chosen to sing in front of the judges and from those, five are chosen to sing live on the show with viewers voting for the winner.

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