Sing Like an Idol

Some people are born to sing. Mark Baxter was not one of them. Undaunted, he studied, probed, inquired, explored, practised and applied his findings until he achieved the voice he had always wanted (all the voices in the intro to this web site were Mark’s). His value as a vocal teacher is unique in that he draws equally from his stage experience, some 3000 gigs and counting, and an unusually diverse training. After receiving formal training in music at Trenton State College, Mark hit the road with various bands and got a real education.

“There’s no better motivator than poverty. When you’re singing for your next meal, cancelling is not an option. Before training, each night I slugged it out and hoped for the best. Now I can control my voice without holding back. This transformation is what fuels my enthusiasm for teaching. While I would have preferred to have been born with a ‘gift,’ the struggles I went through allow me to empathize with my students. I know first hand what it’s like to deal with vocal problems, and the difference lessons can make.”

Mark has completed hundreds and hundreds of voice lessons, exploring various methods, and attended countless seminars including: Vocal Pedagogy by the Functional Voice Foundation of West Germany, Neuromuscular message, nutrition, The Alexander Technique, acupressure, reflexology along with various psychological and visualization techniques. Even though he is now considered a leading authority in his field, he continues to research with a passion.

“I don’t think I’ll ever tire of learning about the voice. I’ve read every book out there and continuously look for related subjects. Lately, I’ve been attending symposiums at the Harvard Medical School’s Department of Continuing Education, covering topics such as Physiology and Acoustics of Vocal Production, Aerodynamic Assessment of Vocal Function, Medical and Surgical Management of the Performing Artist. Phonomicrosurgical management of Benign Lesions and Injured Vocal Cords and Laryngopharyngeal Reflex. Many of the singers I work with have vocal damage. The medical courses allow me to speak freely with doctors and then translate their findings into singers’ terms for my clients. As a performer myself, I know exactly what it feels like to sing in the worst conditions. Combining my understanding of anatomy with stage experience allows me to help others reach their potential… and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.” Mark Baxter

Mark Baxter Vocal Programs

Sing Like An Idol
10 Steps to Bring Out the Star in You
Learning to sing has never been so entertaining!

This informative and inspirational CD will guide you through an easy to follow program designed to bring out the absolute best in your voice!

1.The Warm Up (essential first step to a great performance)
2.Expanding Range (achieve flexibility for soaring high notes)
3.Consistent Tone (create a foundation for emotional singing)
4.More Power (exercises to strengthen and fortify your voice)
5.The Right Key (songs should fit like a comfy pair of shoes)
6.Style Points (accessorize your songs with riffs and vibrato)
7.The Rhythm (power your performance with more groove)
8.The Ballad (finding the courage to be intimate and honest)
9.Motivation (get yourself motivated and battle those butterflies)
10.Stage Presents (how to give the audience what they really want)
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The Rock-N-Roll Singer’s Survival Manual
This book is perfect for the aspiring rock singer that needs improvement, but cannot or will not take lessons. It is a thorough, yet easy-to-understand presentation of the basic elements of singing, including vocal production, training, breathing, posture and diet. Written in a down-to-earth style, the author addresses such relevant topics as overcoming nervousness, dealing with emotions, and the true consequences of coffee, alcohol & smoking. Includes useful illustrations and diagrams.
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The Singer’s Tool Box – DVD
Every instrument requires maintenance – including the voice! Presented by Mark Baxter, a renown vocal therapist with an international roster of clients, The Singer’s Toolbox is jam-packed with essential information, exercises and tips for any style singer. No prior training’s needed. Just slip this in your DVD player and learn: how your voice works – with clear examples and demos; four steps to keep your voice strong; performance tips; and how to repair vocal damage.
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